Saturday, February 09, 2008


I've been driving myself far too hard in the last week and it really is coming home to roost. The baby is moving, but I feel sick. Mr.Cotta went on a business trip and I've been here alone with the kids, coincidentally during one of the worst snowstorms in Toronto history, and during the week when Kaz had a particularly enormous amount of homework since he had a project for school due yesterday.

Plus he couldn't sleep properly.


Anyway, as for the sleep, my pediatrician can't see me until next week, and most infuriatingly, is acting like this is something that has suddenly come on, therefore it must be psychological, or due to sleep hygiene issues or some other stupid thing. She knows us well and knows that we are not the kind of people who keep our kids up late and let them watch TV or let them sit on their rear ends and not exercise. But because 90% of children's sleep issues are related to poor sleep hygiene she assumes we must be in the same category.

Oh pleeeease! Like I'm ever in the same category as other people--I'm always the exception, and so are my kids. Why can't Doctors simply accept that fact and carry on accordingly? Dumbasses....

I ended up using benadryl and tylenol early in the evening on him, and then getting him up extremely early and sitting him in front of my light box. And no more Ikea loft bed. I don't care how much he likes it, we've banned it, because I can't climb all the way up there to reach him and wake him up right now. Even if I felt safe on the ladder, my belly won't fit, and I can't picture how this will work when the new baby comes. So we made him sleep on an air mattress, and today we're buying a new bed and desk.

A really wonderful guy who lives on my street came over and dug us out, after I broke down and cried Thursday. It took the boys and I half an hour of hard digging and ice scraping to get the Volvo out. I was so tired, I really wanted to lay down and give up right then and there. As for my strong backed and very generous friend; the front walk and back path to the car took him over an hour to shovel and we have a pretty small yard compared to most people I read on the net. I offered to pay him, and he refused to take any money, but I am going to find a way to pay him back.

Kaz had to work on a science project and although he could do the project himself, and found the solution and wrote it up, he isn't very artistic and wound up needing my help to get supplies and bristol board and take pictures and help him with the visual bits. I hate homework, and really think it does ruin children's lives and families lives at the elementary level. And guess what? The research agrees with me!

Mr.Cotta is back now and is digging out his other car. We have to go have a full day of activities now including birthday parties, playdates, swimming, piano recitals, and more....I am regretting getting out of bed, I think.

So tired.


  1. You should go back to bed.

    I hate homework too and I'm a teacher.

    We can't all be the one exception. I think doctors just try and act like when are nuts when they have no idea how to solve the problem.

  2. That was interesting to read about the Canadian study. It's nice to know we Americans aren't the only ones struggling with what to do with homework. As a former elementary teacher, and as a parent, I would concur with the idea that reading should be the only "homework" assigned up until the 5th or 6th grade. And even after that I would like to see homework be more of an exception than a rule. Sometimes it seems as though homework is assigned every single night because it should be. How about just when there really is something relevant that is better done outside of school hours? Or just studying for the occasional test? Why every night?

    But then again, you already know my thoughts on this.

    I'm glad you have a nice neighbor. Just bake him some cookies or something.

  3. another (ex) teacher who hates homework, here. now...the occasional meaningful research piece? practice using skills that will be necessary? sure. but makework shit? hate it.

    ikea loft beds, those i love. i'm very sorry about the sleep issues but if you could just load up the loft bed on wheels and send it down the trans-can to pei, oh yeh, that'd be sweet. ;)

  4. OMG, I hate homework too and my kid isn't even old enough to focus on a pencil, nevermind hold one. The homework issue makes me want to seriously consider homeschooling. Honestly, I can't sit in the same place and focus for six hours a day... why should a kid? And then to add more work on top of it? ARGH!

    I'm really glad your neighbour dug you out of the snow. The snow is gorgeous, but only if you don't have to go anywhere.

  5. Oh, my. A big week in your house. I am sorry I missed it-- was buried under my own.
    you sound a bit better, and I am glad Mr.Cotta is back and you have instituted new rules for Kaz. Hopefully the lightbox will do the trick. But you, my dear? You need a day off. Or three. Or a week.