Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tuning back to the me channel

The baby is still moving and is at some points kicking up a storm. Very good news in my books! I went to the cardiologist last week and we chatted about the pregnancy and about my past history. He said that everything sounded fine and he was unconcerned, but he was still going to order some tests, etc. so that we could double check. And echocardiogram and a holter monitor were set up, and this past Friday, I got the echo done.

Now I'm used to ultrasounds, but mostly those have been below the waist. So it was kind of funny to have to only take my shirt and bra off and put on a gown up top. The tech did the test and all the scans and I asked at one point of we could sneak a look at the baby as well, and she said yes! (wand was not the right kind, too small, but still a good view) Great news, Dinkypie has decided to go head down, and yes, I know he could move back breech, but my biggest fear has been that Fred and Voldemort, the fibroids were blocking him from turning. Now that I know he can turn and it's only a matter of preference, well, the little bugger better be head down when the critical moment comes or I swear I'll dock his very first allowance.

The tech said the echo looked great and just because I knew someone reading this blog would want to know, I peeked on the report screen and my ejection fraction was just over 69%, (normal, but not olympic gold medal status) and considering I'm big pregnant tired and breathing heavy from trudging through all this horrendous's perfect thanks.

My holter monitor goes on next week, and I once again will become the bionic babe. Have I told you how much I love the heart monitor leads they use, especially when they use sandpaper on my chest and various stinging cleaning agents so the pads will stick for 2-3 days? Yeah, maybe I missed telling you. Anyway, that pain isn't as bad as when they rip them off later, hopefully I'll get the nice tech this time, the one who uses cream to loosen them first instead of just ripping them off quick. WTF came up with that idea? Probably someone who had never had to have them ripped off.

Hopefully they have made the little monitor I have to carry with me even smaller this time. 12 years ago when I did my first one, the damn thing was as big as a cassette tapedeck. Come to think of it, it actually was a tapedeck. Between the wires and the string and pouch you have to carry, it's not a strong fashion statement people. I hope we've hit Ipod size by now.

As for how I'm doing this with the Boys, while alone? Well, right now Mac is on a playdate, and Kaz is watching a video, and I've been making some executive decisions about how things work around the house.

First of all, let the bloody school deal with homework. I just don't have the patience. Kaz is now going into study hall everyday and if he does bring home anything, it gets done first thing, no whining, no BS, or he loses privileges, serious privileges.

Other things that have gone out the window:

-lectures about elbows on the table (as long as they eat, and are sort of polite, I'm just ignoring some stuff)
-getting to stay up an hour later to watch TV. (It's early bedtime every night from now until hell freezes over. I'll DVR shows and they can watch them later.)
-practicing piano everyday
-formal food for dinner. (We still do family dinner at the table, but Kraft dinner with chicken pieces and some frozen veggies is good enough)
-dishes done and counters cleared all the time. (Screw it, too tired)
-brushing teeth, evening showers, lectures on picking stuff up and tidiness.
-Kaz is no longer staying home by himself while I do short errands with Mac.
-No more control freak bans on kids from the kitchen. Kaz can handle a stove and chop stuff with a french knife and Mac can make himself a PBJ sandwich without the universe falling in. So a dish got broken this morning, one got hurt and I read the paper for the first time in days.
-I'm not going to yell anymore, instead I just quietly threaten to take away a treasured possession. Less headaches, right?

Yeah, Mr.Cotta will want to change things back when he returns, but whenever he comes along, he can. Until then, I have to let some things go, and deal with the house a bit differently; a little bit of letting go here and a little bit a tightening up there won't kill anyone.

I'm trying to keep a baby alive and a house running, and my admiration for single mothers is growing by leaps and bounds.

This week I have another growth check and a cervical length check and we'll decide whether or not I need steroid shots just in case. I think yes no matter what, cause hey, why the hell not? If nothing else, it relieves my stress, and like I give a damn about a needle in my ass compared to a preemie with poor lung development. But my Doc wants to see if my cervix looks funny or short first. So we'll see what it shows, and I'll just bug him again until he gives in.

So there we go, lots of fun me stuff for your viewing enjoyment.

What do you do differently when your spouse is away?


  1. My spouse is home and I am slacking on all fronts. You are keeping three kids and yourself alive.
    BRAVO woman.

  2. When he's away, me and the dog bond. And I clean, and exercise, and cook stuff the way I like it (ie. pickes in my spagetti sauce).

    Good for you for letting some stuff go. That's a smart lady.

  3. That's pickles in my spagetti sauce, not pickes.

  4. Good for you for letting some things go/laying down the law. You sound amazingly in control! I'm impressed.

    Hope your tests turn out okay--I had a Holter monitor a couple years ago but I can't remember how big the thing was. Mustn't have been too big or I would have remembered!

    Hmmm...what do I do differently when the spouse is away. I turn off the f*cking TV! The silence is indeed golden.

  5. I don't sleep as well, for one (then again, I don't really sleep that well when he's home either)... We definitely eat simpler food (he's the one who cooks) and I also used to take advantage of finally having a car (now I have my own).

  6. I watch more crap tv, cook how I want and at the moment sleep a little better since he's snoring and sleeping badly due to stress.

  7. Glad the cardio appt went well and the baby is looking good. More milestones!

    When the husband is away, I watch p*rn.

    Ok, just kidding, that's probably what he does when I am away. No, I sleep too late, listen to music and dance around the house like a fool. So, pretty much the same stuff I do when he is around :)

  8. My husband has always worked out of town but I was alone about half the time when the kids were little. I found it easier after awhile. I was a single parent to begin with and it's just easier with one parent around, I make all the decisions, I don't have to negotiate with my husband and the kids.

    As for letting things go, sounds like an excellent idea. When I was pregnant with my last one, sixteen years ago, I recall eating out a fair bit when my husband was away. That way I didn't have to clean up the kitchen after supper. I get so tired in the evenings.

    Anyway, take care of yourself.

  9. Ooo la la -- restaurants! Where somebody else cooks & does the dishes, yee haw!
    Sorry, got distracted there for a few moments...
    Sounds like you are managing nicely!

  10. I'm glad things are sort of under control with you. There's a road to travel yet with your BIL, but here's hoping your plan works out.


  11. Knowing you, I am incredibly impressed with the whole kids in the kitchen thing. And not a little with the no obsessive cleaning thing. Way to go.

  12. No makeup, no cooking (gotta love calling and having food brought to you), no cleaning, lots of reading then about 3 hours before he arrives I do all the things I haven't done while he was gone.

    OH, and I let the dog sleep on his pillow :)