Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ab update

Well my OB had an answer as to why I'm in pain. After we hugged hello I once again thanked him for saving my life and he once again acted like it was nothing, very aw shucks. Then he examined me.

I have an abdominus recti? After 6 pregnancies that lasted longer than 10 weeks, my abs have decided to separate and maybe get a divorce. They don't like everything I've been through and are protesting heavily.

Apparently when you get a crash c-section on top of separated abs it hurts like a mofo when healing.

And if you keep lifting things and not resting like me...it gets worse. I may have strained them more. So now I am not allowed to lift anything and I have to rest for another 4 weeks and then I go to physio. If that doesn't work I'll need surgery to fix it but since I'd rather die than get cut open again I'm hoping exercise and physio work. Any hopeful stories or assvice greatly welcomed? Anything I should or should not do?

Still tired but it's getting better. I'm letting boo sleep in the carseat which doesn't help the reflux but seems to make him happy, so why not?

Also I broke out the baby tylenol at 1:00 am last night for him and some pinot grigio for me. It was either make him sleep that way or run screaming into the street. I mean, it's not like the stuff is heroin right? And hey he slept for 5 wonderful painfree hours!!!!! And so did I.

Still a bit nutty, but I may see my shrink and work on that. Or I may just take some more naps....and give him some more tylenol the next time he mixes up day and night.


P.S. Am worried about Antigone at http://antigonelost.blogspot.com . I keep checking her blog hoping she is okay and hoping her husband hasn't hurt her or the baby. If any of you hear from her by email let the rest of us know, K?


  1. I'm relieved to hear that at least there's an explanation! I hope your nanny and your husband will help you rest (keep you from doing too much!) and that with a little PT you'll be good as new.

    Tylenol: sooooo innocuous. Also glad to hear the wee one slept a little.

  2. Ow, ow, ow!! No wonder you've been feeling lousy. (((hugs))) I hope the exercise & physio help (& that Julius lets you catch a few Zs now & then). Take good care!

  3. It never rains but it pours! At least you know now what's going on and what you can do about it, but I too am hoping that you can fix it through physio and rest. Please rest! You are super-mega-muscle woman doing what you do after everything you've been through, but you gotta lie down sometimes!

    I am very worried about Antigone myself. I wish I knew what I could do....

  4. excellent idea on the pinot grigio and tylenol combo
    now go lie down.

  5. Hmm, now will you stop judging yourself and accept that there's a physical reason you're feeling so shitty?

    Love you, hon. And I hear you on the tylenol, loud and clear. My mistake was telling Mr. December I wanted to do it. He wouldn't let me.

  6. ouchy!

    i have no assvice, but i definitely agree that you should take naps, many, many naps.

    and please rest, and allow your body to heal, okay?

  7. Glad you have an explanation, now go rest ;)

    By the way my twins slept with me or in the swinging chairs for *months*. Now at a year old they sleep happily by themselves in their respective cribs -- Max even sleeps all night, usually. So my take is, let him sleep wherever keeps him happy now and don't worry about it....

  8. Please accept the help that you need and forgive yourself for needing it. Don't compare yourself to anyone else, you are doing fine. It is not a contest!

  9. Did your doctor recommend some kind of fabric abdominal support to reduce further strain on your muscles? If not, see if it would be OK.

    No mother is perfect and no baby is either. Do what you can to compensate for both, even if that means a little wine/whine.

  10. Dear Aurelia,

    I just 'happened upon' your blog whilst searching for the name Aurelia...

    I am a complementary therapist who uses a fantastic, amazing, life-changing technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It's based on acupressure tapping and was developed by an American guy called Gary Craig - have a look at www.emofree.com
    I think it would help you - if you're interested in learning about it.

    You can learn to use it yourself for FREE - there's a free manual you can download on the website! Or get some help from a therapist who does it (it even works over the phone). It's usually very quick (can sort things in minutes sometimes)!

    Good luck and lots of blessings to you and your family.

    Kate, England

  11. Oh, my friend, I am so happy that there was an explanation for the pain. But, I am sorry that you are still experiencing so much pain. Please be compliant with your doctor's orders. I know it's tough to rest, but I hope you do it anyway. Please take care of yourself.

  12. Ah, yes, the rest conundrum... There's no cure quite like it, so rest up, willya?
    But I was flabbergasted to stumble across Antigone's blog, I thought I was the only one w/that big-of'n-asshole for an ex-husband!!!

  13. i took a prenatal yoga class, and one day the yoga teacher went around and felt everyone's belly - checking for that problem. i didn't have it, and i don't remember what her suggestions were, but perhaps there's some kind of PT that might help?

  14. a post natal yoga class may be just the ticket once you are permitted of course.
    I used to do this one.
    Promise us you'll rest like a good girl please?

  15. i also had (and have again) diastasis. it can be tough to heal and easy to make worse. my advice:

    get some training in pilates. you don't need to do the exercises at this point, but you need to be able to engage your transverse abdominals, which is the fundamental move/posture for all pilates exercises. if you don't get those to heal, then all the ab work for your obliques and rectus won't matter.

    don't do situps, or anything like them. don't pull yourself out of bed in the morning by sitting up from lying on your back. don't use your abs to pull yourself out of a chair. use your arms and your legs (and if you're lying down, roll over first) to get yourself up. if you start engaging that top layer of abs you can actually make things worse -- the edges of the muscles get inflamed and then they have a harder time re-knitting together.

    someone recommended to me not to do any exercise at all that used my abs until the diastasis was no more than two-fingers' width. (mine started at 4.) so give your tummy a break, but check the separation periodically, and when it's at a manageable distance, then start in with practicing the basic pilates posture. you can work on that posture while you're lying down, and if you do it correctly you kegel at the same time, so it's kind of a twofer.

    so take it slow and get better!


  16. All I got is...OW!

    Sorry that you have to go through this...