Tuesday, June 17, 2008

baby breaths

Julius is breathing funny, like wheezing, when we lie him flat and he seems to be very unhappy about it, and I am very paranoid about it of course.

So off to the pediatrician I go, ever so stupidly on the same day as last week and I get the same idiot replacement temp ped, instead of the good pediatrician we usually get. Our main one, is very nice and knows that I am pretty medically minded and don't just walk in over nothing, and don't show up asking for antibiotics on the first day of a cold. But this replacement one? A total goof, she regularly offends me by refusing to refill Kaz's ADD medication script. She keeps asking if he really needs it and if we should try something else like maybe we should stop giving him coca-cola....because of course, bad parenting is the cause of ADD in her small mind. *eyeroll*

And so she listened to Julius' chest and dismissed my concerns and refused to give us anything, like puffers, or cold medication, or even check him for reflux. She thinks he has a stuffy nose, except that he doesn't. At all.

She says it could not be reflux, even though he had loads of tubes shoved down his throat when he was being resuscitated, so that awful sound in his bronchial tubes could be milk coming back up and getting stuck in his throat, choking him.

Hell, it could be lots of things...but to her, why check it out, why even help, when she can talk down to me instead? New moms are all stupid idiots right? Even ones who have much older kids and can diagnose a cold vs. croup vs. bronchiolitis is no time flat.

So from now I have to see my regular ped only which is going to be a problem because over the summer, you guessed it, she takes extensive VACATIONS.

Someday when I am in charge of the universe, things will be different.....


  1. Is there another dr or clinic nearby where you could take Julius for a second opinion, at least until you can see your own trusted dr? Sorry you are having to endure this...!

  2. oh you know my opinion on the temps.
    Ours is taking notes from your OB and is off on vacation AGAIN too.

  3. dumb doctors suck. i agree with loribeth, take him to another doc and get a second opinion.

    honestly, we should get a free pass once a month to punch someone out with no punishment. that dumb doc would be on the top of my list.

  4. I hate, hate, HATE doctors like that. The one I had in the ER a week ago Saturday was like your fill-in ped. He never once made eye contact with me and as I was trying to explain what was happening, he was cutting me off and telling me there was nothing to worry about before I even had my sentence finished!

    You know if something's wrong. You're smart and not quick to panic. Take him to another ped. Hell, take him to Sick Kids' if you have to and when you find out that temp. ped. is totally wrong, call her and tell her.

    Hope things get better soon.

  5. This simply confirms that it's time for me and mine to move to Canada and get jobs there. Because the vacay time sounds LOVELY. sigh.

    I hate that too. There should really be some brief code(s) or 3x5 card on the front of charts (OB, Ped) so that nurses and replacements can v. quickly realize theirs and underlying sentiment/problem and not do/say stupid things. No mother should ever be made to feel stupid for taking her child in to see the doctor.

  6. I hate doctors like that. My DH had a doctor like that before we got married. I went with him and told the doctor that I thought his moles on his back should be looked at by a dermatologist. He proceeded to talk to me at length about what an abnormal mole would look like without looking at DH's back. He then went to his office to get a book to show me pics that we've all seen a thousand times before of abnormal moles. I pointed to one and said "He has one just like that". Then he finally looked at them and gave him a referral to a dermatologist. That's the last time we saw that doctor.

  7. Though I'm not exactly sure how the Canadian system works, I hope it's possible to find a back up doctor who you trust for times when the regular doctor isn't available.

  8. Definitely second opinion time I think. It is very frustrating to have to deal with idiots. Its probably worth finding another paed. you can trust for holiday cover and to be honest I think a dr who never takes holidays is dangerous.

  9. Is she a parent? She couldn't possibly be. Now that I am I could never discount the claims of another mother. We *know* things that some jackass with a cold stethoscope whose next appointment was 10 minutes ago and who bills by the service has no clue about.
    Keep at it if you're concerned. If I was your midwife, you better believe I'd be listening. Sorry you have to go through that.

  10. Please do not get me started on pediatricians...

    I hope everything is ok with Julius. I don't know why in the hell this woman would dismiss you like that. That is unbelievably condesending and unprofessional.

  11. oh, yuck, yuck, yuck. i remember that feeling and the helplessness of it.

    with O, it WAS reflux, by the way. the funny breathing, followed by, erm, hours of pleasant screaming. hopefully you're not getting part 2?

  12. Yeah...I had the same problems when P was a newborn. It took numerous trips to the gp before she was finally diagnosed with reflux. We were brushed off time after time so I totally get where you're coming from. If it continues, make sure you go back until something is done about it. Ugh, so frustrating.

  13. Oh you had your baby! congratulations!!!

    Yes do phone in advance next time to make sure the temp isn't there.