Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I'm alive albeit stoned

I'm okay and the baby isn't sick after all. The sneezing just seems to come and go occasionally. No rhyme or reason. So mucous it is.

I think he was up crying a lot because his umbilical cord was coming off after getting caught on some clothing and it was a bit painful. They had cut it slightly longer when he went to the NICU in case he needed an IV there but they didn't---and when it dried up it was kind of big and sharp edged. My other kids never had this issue! More confusion.

It's off now and healing. I think he'll have an outie when all is said and done, but who knows?

Meantime, I'm tired and the pain is still everywhere. I went to see my GP and she sent me for an x-ray and some more bloodwork. She also upped my iron dosage, gave me more painkillers, and explained that with an emergency c-section they cut and repair everything the same way as a planned (at least mine was) but the speed means that there is a lot more bruising and tissue damage.

So I will logically take longer to heal. My incision looks good but my stomach muscles will never be the same I think. The top seems to hang over a bit where the scar is. Kind of disconcerting to look at myself in the mirror, you know? I don't look pregnant or fat, more like--half-inflated half-deflated? Weird...I wonder if it will stay that way forever? Anyone else have this happen?

The oxycodone makes me dopey so I got tylenol 3's and naproxen instead. Much better for my brain although slightly more painful.

And my new nanny is awesome. I swear I could not make it through this without her. These days most women don't live right beside their moms or their moms have jobs and can't help out. And husbands? Well, mine is great with diapers etc. but he has to go back to work during the day and we have two other kids to get to school and activities. In my case, I have no mom and only two hands. So having some help around the house is a godsend. A true miracle that every postpartum woman should get to experience. Hmmm- sounds like a great social program benefit for women. Maybe some political party should suggest it?

Oh, and Mr. Cotta put a birth notice in the paper that is hilarious. Leave an email or comment if you want to read it and I'll send it out to you. That man makes me laugh so hard....

I have lots more to post but I'm kind of fried and need a nap. One last thought....the baby's blog name is going to be Julius, inspired by the description on my sidebar.

Ironically it took me days to clue in to the name. Does pregnancy brain leave fast or slow? Sigh.....


  1. my baby is one and I still have placenta brain.
    it took me a second to clue into the name.
    Send me the announcement please!

  2. I'd also love to see the birth announcement! And Julius is a perfect name for the Internets.

    As for the scar, now that you mention it, mine looks like you describe, too. It's nicer looking than early on, but still kinda "poochy". Maybe that just happens w/ incisions in the lower abdomen?

  3. Awesome name. I wish I'd thought of it!

    Of course I want that birth announcement.

    It sucks you're still suffering so much pain, but I am so thankful you found that nanny! Take care and keep resting.

  4. i'm glad that julius is doing well. poor guy and his little belly button!

    i would love to see the birth announcement! i can't wait for the laughs!

  5. So glad Julius isn't sick. And I hope you'll start to get better soon, too.

    I'd like to read the birth announcement please!

  6. I had an incension like that for a tubal ligation, it seems like the skin on my tummy had numb areas that weren't there before, and yeah, it changed the way my tummy "hangs". But it was only seven and a half months ago, maybe it will take longer to heal and go all back to gether.

    Love the blog name. And don't worry about the pregnant brain thing, you have enough to worry about with out worrying about impressing any of us.

  7. you know I wanna see it and I'm so glad you have a nanny and I'm so glad you listened to us when we said it was a good idea.

  8. Ahhh little Julius and his future outie. Do we get more pix soon?

    Glad you are managing the pain ok, I cant imagine 3 kids and recovery... Thank goodness for the new nanny.

    I would love to see the announcement - lellowg at gmail dot com

  9. Julius is the perfect blog name!!

    Saw the birth announcement. It's definitely unique!! ; )

  10. Please! Send the announcement - I'd love to see it.

    It'll get better.

  11. Julius is perfect, totally perfect.

    and the scar...i had an appendectomy twenty years ago and i still pooch on that side, where the scar is...i've heard csections often stay a bit that way too. of course, i have never sported exactly what one would call a flat stomach...

    i wish the government gave out nannies. oh, how i wish. how freaking civilized would THAT be?

  12. oh, and i would love to see the announcement. :)

  13. find and take floradix...natural liquid iron supplement it...

  14. Julius is perfect! Please forward the announcement. I'd love to see it.

    Feel better soon.

  15. I would love to read the announcement!

  16. Great internet name! Need to see the announcement, please. :)

  17. Hey, you can't just tease us all about the birth announcement!!! ;-) If you have time, I'd like to see it.

  18. after 20 years, now i finally know why i was bruised to buggery after my emergency caesarean but not after any other surgery. thanks for clearing that up!

    and glad it wasn't a cold. my second child was a sneezer after birth. another sunroof delivery. i think the juices just don't get squeezed out with the same efficiency as when they leave via the front door... so to speak.

    i'd love to see the birth notice if you felt like emailing it.
    just taffy at g mail dot com


  19. Love the blog name!

    Would love to read the birth announcement too.

    Hope you are feeling better soon - and I'm totally jealous that you have a nanny :D

  20. OMG, congrats to you! Your son is beautiful. I am so so happy for you guys! (and glad I read all these posts in one lump because I would have been freaking out otherwise!)

    Please do send me the birth announcement too. I would love to see it.

  21. I'd love to see the birth announcement :-)

    I so wish I were the type of person who could enjoy having help. The only person who is "allowed" to help is Ohad (well, him and the kids, but they aren't around or available that much).

  22. Love the blog name, it took me a minute to understand that too! What lisa b said about placenta brain ;)

    I would love to read the announcement!

  23. 18 months after my c-section (and, I have to say, with minimal effort on my part) my tummy looks the way it always looked. So there's definitely hope.

  24. Glad to hear baby is ok. I sure hope you get to feeling better soon.

    I would love to see the birth announcement. Not sure if you still have my e-mail so it is

  25. Julius! Of course! Duhhh...didn't occur to me either and I even sent a moment trying to think one up on your behalf. And if it makes you feel any better before I got sick I was a uni professor (LITERATURE, of all things) and therefore must have at some point had a brain. Not anymore, though--I think they keep it a secret so the population won't die out, but after your third take-home baby (i.e. when the third new person's routine has to be worked into the daily household business) you lose your brain for good. I miss mine, although I am rather fond of my third child, so I suppose that's SOMEthing...I'd LOVE to see the birth announcement if you're willing to share!

  26. I'm still laughing at the announcement. Thank you for sending it to me. I needed the chuckle today.

    I'm sad to say the belly and the brain (and the boobs) will probably never be the same again. :o)

  27. I'd like to read the birth announcement

  28. Hi, I've sent the announcement out to most of the requesters, but a few of you don't have email addresses attached to your profiles or blogs...and I have no idea how to get this to you?

    Email me if you don't want to post your address publicly. aurelia dot cotta at gmail dot com

  29. Am I too late to get on the birth announcement bandwagon?
    [I don't think I attached email address to my profile so I'll spare you the trouble of looking it up - can you still blame placenta-brain when your offspring is almost 10?!?]

  30. Hooray for drugs and nannies!

    I am not sure my pregnancy brain got fixed since last time. I am not sure I have any expectation of recovering my working brain ever, or at least for many many more years.

    Cool blog name. Very appropriate.

  31. As usual I'm 20 years late to the party, but when you have time I'd love to see the birth announcement.

    Pregnancy brain morphs into mummy brain, which I don't think ever leaves. Alas, we are stuck with it. Sigh.