Saturday, June 14, 2008

slammed-one handed typing

i no longer can type with two hands mostly because i am nursing or holding a baby or burping life has become nutty on top of that.

nicole at just crazy enough to try had her baby, a little girl! yayyyyyy Her blog feed did not send the news to my bloglines so i didn't know for a few days. go say congrats.


my bil P has returned to europe secretly after we advised him not to just yet. he has no support network or doctors or family over there and as we predicted things are going very very badly. he can't see his kids until he is stable and since he is acting well---manic? psychotic? he will likely not see them for awhile except from a distance mandated by a court. his emails and phone calls to them are sometimes normal and sometimes terrifying.

we think he missed his meds as soon as he left the hospital and got confused and started self-medicating again. worst part is that the whole family is fighting over him and whether or not he's okay. some people think he's sane but 'misunderstood', others think he is batshit crazy. all i know is that he is writing some unreal stuff in his emails about our family and anyone else who thinks he is still unwell. apparently we are the crazy ones, and have committed numerous criminal and immoral acts while engaged in a vast conspiracy against him. he seems to cast himself as the white knight in all these tales, rescuing me and my poor children among others from my evil husband.

paranoid and out of touch with reality perhaps?

sigh...we keep wondering if we'll get a call that he has been found dead somewhere. it all makes me want to cry.


As for immediate concerns, I am overwhelmed with dirty diapers, and breastfeeding and we are about to start the three week growth spurt. Lilypadz rock for protecting blistered nipples from irritation. frozen lilypadz are like heaven on these poor injured bodyparts. just remember to wash the padz with soap and water in between uses or you'll get bacteria growing and you will hurt and the baby will get indigestion and gas.

julius is healthy and cute, i wish i could show you more photos but our camera seems to have broken and i need to get my hubby to take it in for repair. if my cameraphone can do it i'll post something from that. he does have some goopy stuff coming out of his left eye and i think he has a blocked tear duct but otherwise he is alright.


nanny is a godsend. she is happily willing to do housekeeping and mow the lawn and deal with laundry but the cultural differences are wild. she just came over from the phillipines in the last month or so and explaining things like the toronto green bin have resulted in some funny moments. we keep our green bin (organic waste) in the basement because of racoons. our dry garbage and recycling go outside. well, we showed her everything but i guess she thought her new employers were very odd people for putting our garbage in our basement and she kept trying to take it outside for us. i found it hidden in the bottom of the garbage bins later. when we finally explained it to her with pictures from the website and some translation---she was very embarassed and we all had a good laugh.

also i keep trying to make her take a lunch break but she refuses. i figure she deserves one and keep encouraging her to leave and get a coffee once a day or go for a walk or at least eat lunch upstairs with us but she never does. i think she eats in the basement actually. I'm thinking that i may have to force her to take breaks upstairs because i'm still a mess and the boys are done school so with three kids and a weak lady to take care of she will have her hands full and if she gets overworked we're sunk, you know?


actually i am feeling a bit more energy every day. i went for a walk around the block today with the baby in the stroller. took me an hour to prepare to go, but i did go!

the boys are very funny with the baby. Kaz is very very responsible and is like a little adult with the baby. he's able to carry him and rock him and knows how to support his head. it's a little surreal actually. mac on the other hand is still poking the baby and trying to pet him like a dog. he doesn't quite get how to be gentle. We're working on it.


there is nothing on tv and nothing left on my dvr. thank god for the internet and my ipod or my brain would turn to mush while i breastfeed at 3 am. i'm about to break into my box set of buffy videos and watch them until my eyeballs fall out.

oh and i bought a medela swing breastpump and used it to start pumping once a day. i want to build up a frozen stock just in case i ever need it. that thing is amazing btw. much better and much gentler than my old crappy one. another reason to buy new instead of using my 13 year old junk.

ok ttyl dudes....tired.


  1. what is the swing pump? I have lots o gear if you want extras PLUS I have the hands free attachments from ebay. want em?

  2. PS my friend I hired our nanny through told me just to let go of the lunch/break thing. It just won't happen. Let it go for now, she is trying to impress you. I still have issues with J but now she will sit down and eat and we let her go early lots of days. It will all work out in the long run.

  3. I'm very sorry to hear about your BIL. I hope things get better in that situation.
    As for goopy eyes, my daughter had the same problem. Midwife advised me to squirt breast milk in her eye as it has antibiotic properties.
    Glad you could get the time to post...especially juggling all that you do. Thanks!

  4. Buffy! Woot!

    Yay on the help, she sounds lovely. Can you give her some money for an "errand" and tell her to pick up lunch for herself and "don't come back before 2"? You're good to think of this.

    Hugs to Julius.

  5. i'm so sad for your BIL. i really hope that he gets some help before the bottom really falls out from under him.

    it sounds like your babymoon is going very well. you nanny sounds really cute, but being from the same part of the world that she is, i can see that she's going to be quite the workaholic (at least that's what i blame my overworking!). it'll be pretty crazy come the 26th when all the kiddies will be home!

    can't wait for you to get that camera fixed, i'd love to see the photos of julius!

  6. The Swing is good, isn't it? Much better than my old Pump In Style, which just brayed at me and exracted nada.

    Now - about those nipples. Some Soothies will be even better than the chilled Lily Padz...

    But what you REALLY need is some Triple Nipple Ointment. Call OB person for script first thing in the morning. You will feel and see a difference in a day or two, and be made whole again in a week. Why they don't hand this stuff out, is beyond me. It works.

    Tally ho!

  7. Your nanny mows the lawn! That is beyond wonderful.

  8. Your nanny mows the lawn? That is beyond wonderful.

  9. Hoping your BIL is well. My brother is bipolar and thankfully, he's on his meds right now.

    Your nanny sounds great. I'm sure the lunch thing will improve over time, especially if you explain that you know it's easier to keep your energy up if you eat regularly.

    Sounds like you and your family are enjoying the baby. Glad to hear things are going so well.

  10. Hoping that your BIL makes it through this phase and gets back under care again. That has got to be so stressful on the entire family.

    Good for you for caring about your nanny. She sounds awesome and hopefully will stay that way.

    And SOOTHIES, yes!! I was trying to remember what I used and thought it was the LilyPadz, but it was Soothies. They are totally worth every cent.