Monday, June 16, 2008

Sleepless in babyworld

Nursing a screaming gassy baby 24/7 round the clock is not the fun part of motherhood.

And then when your basement floods three days in a row and you and your husband have to mop and bale out the place continuously that sucks.

Then you run out of diapers and wipes and food and your husband has to work all day so he can't rest and your older kids keep waking you up and you really know life sucks.

But when some jerk decides to stick a nail in your husbands car tire and he has to spend all of Father's Day and most of the next getting the car fixed instead of relaxing and enjoying his day?

That's just craptastically crappy.


  1. I hope that means that things can only get better from here.

    Poor you!

  2. No better adjective: craptastic.

    Time to make that nanny earn her keep!

  3. yuck. hopefully you've used up all of your bad luck and things will start looking up!

  4. The weather has been crappy, hasn't it? Hope things are better this week! Did you get any hail yesterday?? (My poor freshly planted flowers...!)

  5. Wishing I could lend a hand, and hope things get better from here.