Sunday, June 01, 2008

trying to find some equilibrium

Slowly but surely life is getting a bit clearer. The fog is still there, but it's going to lift someday, right? I haven't been on my laptop in days.....feels like forever.

Nursing this baby on still feels like an exercise in nipple meets staple remover, mostly because his latch is still developing, and between the nipple cream and the shield some healing is happening. Good news---all the bleeding has stopped! Awesome! I'm trying not to consider the possibility that I don't have enough blood left in my circulation to spare and this is one way that my body is conserving red blood cells.

Anyway, I am now trying to choke down iron pills and vitamin C and Mr.Cotta is madly cooking red meats of every kind. I may switch from these pills to liquid Fer-in-Sol because I can break it up into smaller doses throughout the day with meals and juice and alternate with some fiber. I plan on asking my GP next week for a series of blood tests that I can get done every couple of weeks until I am topped up and completely perky and ruddy. The pain in my side has come back, and I think I can now safely get an x-ray done to see if anything is broken or if I just have muscle strain.

I am also very very very happy that I got that bikini wax, because the c-section incision area used to be hairier and taking out those staples and the tape would've been well, an extra bit of pain I did not need. Now if only I had remembered to get a back wax to ensure the epidural tape didn't hurt so much. (Also, arm wax to make sure the IV removal hurt less.) Oh well, at least you can all learn from me, right? Trust me.....ouch)

Regardless, you all need to know that I have the most brilliant child ON EARTH. Today he was sitting in his Fisher Price bouncy chair getting a little vibration and listening to some tunes, and his eyes focused on the hanging monkey and parrot, and then he touched them. Repeatedly, not even randomly. He isn't supposed to be able to do that for weeks.

Which means that he is obviously a genius, and we're applying for early entry to Harvard next week. Today, at one week of age----he is intelligent, captivating, handsome, and yes, a master champion at filling a diaper with great big poops.

There has to be a scholarship for that, right?


  1. Oh yes, I'm sure but I think those talents make him more suited for Dartmouth than Harvard.

    That sucks that the pain has returned in your side. But I'm glad the nipple bleeding has stopped at least and am going to think of no other reason than improvement. He'll figure out the latch.

    Hope you're getting lots of rest! How are your other two boys adjusting?

  2. try some Floridex in your orange juice. It's more palatable than the other stuff. I got it at the health food store.

  3. *Snort* - diaper-filling! Surely one of the brightest new talents of our age...[I think he must be a covert Aggie]

  4. Aurelia, Congratulations, I just read your last 12 posts (I'm a fair bit behind in blogging and reading) and just want to congratulate you on your new son and give you a cyber hug for what you've been through. I'm thinking of you and sending you warm thoughts.

  5. So glad you're getting better! I had low iron too, midwives suggested Floradix as well. It's okay mixed with juice and the absorption is much higher because of what the iron is mixed with.
    Your son sounds adorable and very bright, keep an eye on him!

  6. Oh yes, he no doubt has already solved work hunger and the energy crisis. Definitly a genius.

    I'm so glad you two are doing well.

  7. So little blood and your still hilarious. Please be sure to get lots and lots of rest. And if you have some spare thoughts, please direct them to my uterus with instructions to get moving. I am most definitely at the "I don't want to be pregnant anymore, I just want a baby" stage.

  8. Glad you are back home and on the mend - nipples and side notwithstanding.

  9. definitely a genius!

    i hope that you're feeling better soon!

  10. best get him on the waitlist at my school.
    I'll call admissions.
    What a boy!

  11. You sound like you're doing much, much better.

  12. I'm taking notes. Because of you, and only you, I'm on heparin for this pregnancy. If I get that far, I'll wax too. :-)

    Great big poops in his pants? That's Yale criteria.