Friday, November 21, 2008

After the last post

Just a little message to the new political readers I seem to have picked up lately.

This is not solely a political blog like Liblogs and other aggregators and like many personal bloggers I do not just look at things from an objective point of view. So, when I post about a policy issue that the government needs to fix, it's not because I'm searching for something to say and found a news story, it's because in my own life, I have encountered a particular situation and perhaps have been dealing with it publicly or privately possibly for months. Even if I don't link to precise proof in a post, it doesn't matter, because I'm simply reporting what I as Jane average citizen have witnessed and my reaction to it. If you don't believe what I type, then google your own damn fingers away and find links, or fuck off. Real life is not a university essay, complete with credits and footnotes and bibliographies, and leaving comments asking for proof is high school. This is the real world, complete with dead babies, and live kids, and vaginas, and hot flashes, and discrimination and ridiculous encounters with government and business and neighbours and messy family situations.

So to the commenter, "Fact checker", I left you a comment afterwards with the links you so desperately desired. I assume that you will still doubt me. Your comment wasn't the thing that pissed me off, by they way, it was your name. Oh well, guess who doesn't give a flying fuck about what you think?

As to the subject at hand, the issue still remains and it needs to be said, that if Passport Canada really cared about protecting children from kidnapping and other custodial disputes, then they would require ALL children to present long form birth certificates, and then print those names in the passport of the child. That way a happily married dad could not simply sneakily pack up the kids and flee on a plane with those normal passports to say, the Middle East, and refuse to return the kids. As it is, he could just forge a letter from the "supposed" mom saying he has permission to go and without proof of who the mom is, they would just let the kids go. Poor mom comes home from work, and voila, too late.

No, this is about treating certain children like lower class citizens. If you disagree and wish to be an anonymous tithead, feel free to go back to LibLogs or the Blogging Tories and have fun there. They tolerate that shit. I do not.

Ok, done with that for today. Next.

My Doc called with my hormone levels from yesterdays blood test. Sigh....

FSH 19
LH 11
E2 683
Progesterone 2

I had a sort of AF a few days back. Not much. So this might be early in a cycle. Or not. I have been taking some estrace here and there to help with the hot flashes, but not much else. Debating lower doses of DHEA to help my hormones work nice, without making any eggies. I want to feel normal, but never ever ever ever ever ever get pregnant again. That delivery scared the shit out of me. I'm terrified of dying from another abruption, one that might not get caught in time. And of course, guess who doesn't feel like getting a vasectomy?


So looking at those numbers, no wonder I feel menopausal. Sooo, I'm going to try to take some progesterone with the estrogen and we scheduled an ultrasound to check on my fibroid. Hopefully it shrank after the c-section, but since it was all done so fast, no one noted it on the surgical report. Also, during surgery no one could find my ovaries. Apparently, they are missing. Should I send out an APB?

Seriously, I love advice from fellow infertiles. Any thoughts on what might be happening?

Is it the fibroid? The breastfeeding? The ovarian failure returning?

Where do you think my ovaries are? On vacation?

I bet they got a passport no problem.


  1. Wow! I had no idea your were picking up some politics in your blog! I actually agree with you. There should be no reason why a child without married parents needs to have more documentation than a child of married parents. What about children of sperm donors (and I'm sure some unmarried mothers would consider the father just that, even if it wasn't official, LOL!). I don't think the government should know so much about a child about whether or not their parents are married or not.

  2. Boy, you sure know how to make a newcomer feel welcome. :o)

    Though as pseudonyms go, I agree 'fact checker' is asking for it.

    I should probably change my blog commenting name to 'Lame Jester'.

    Or 'Just Lurkin'. And then leave 150+ word comments. :-)

  3. Wow, do you mean that a blog is NOT supposed to be an encyclodpedic description of an issue, complete with footnotes and a bibliography? Color me surprised! By the way, can I have your doctor's number, so I can check those values?

    Given the complete lack of interest that Canadian border patrol has shown me on the three times I've visited, I am surprised that they are so unreasonable about passports. I guess they just don't want people to leave the country...

  4. there is no way your ovaries got a passport.

  5. You can be a bit of a stress bucket at times, might be just that. A vitamin and exercise cure might do the trick. I'm doing excessive overtime in the garden, gardening, naturally, its doing me good ;)


  6. Sorry, no sabes human hormone levels ;-) - w/out seeing that lab's normal values I'm completely lost as to whether your #'s are good or bad!
    I myself give a big thumbs-up to tubal ligation (to abruptly shift topics, I know that won't do squat for your fluctuating hormones).
    Sun/sea/sand sounds like a reasonable therapy...

  7. I don't think your ovaries even got a passport picture. Everyone knows that passport canada requires a full-on, full-face picture with a neutral expression. Your ovaries? Either chortling maniacally or sound asleep. Neither expression would pass muster.