Friday, November 14, 2008

Mother of the Year

Julius is teething like mad this evening, quite inconsolable. I rock him and shush him and swaddle him for a long long time.

He is very tired but can't sleep and I'm in his room nursing him for what seems like forever.

Finally his body goes limp and he dreams. I gently lay him in the crib and step back.

Directly onto my glass of wine.

My baby nursery smells like a cheap boozecan.



  1. ah yes, the sweet smells of motherhood!

  2. I read this and nearly shot tea out of my nose!

    That's too funny!

    Mmmm wine.

  3. Ha ha ha!!!

    I recently discovered that the pack and play we got has drink holders on the end (I can't imagine what else they'd be for). I'm totally excited about that.

  4. You just need to get better wine, that's all (I at least hope it was white to minimize staining?).

  5. Oh yeah, white wine for sure.

    One time, many years ago, Kaz as a toddler grabbed a glass of red wine I was drinking and swung it around his head in a circle.

    There was wine on the couch, the floor, the walls, the ceiling.

    He could not have done more damage if he had put it in a sprinkler.

  6. For goodness sake stop stepping backwards! :)

  7. Raises my glass of white in your general direction.

  8. Mmmmm. I miss wine. I haven't had any since before the embryo transfer. This was so funny though. Thankfully I didn't have tea in my mouth, or I would've snorted it all over the laptop.

  9. Better booze than barf!
    Hope the tooth comes in quick.

  10. There's nothing to do when a baby teeth's is there. D's in the midst at the moment, drooling all over the place, poor love, must be so painful for them!

    Chin chin my love and courage!


  11. In my neighborhood, they pass out beers to the adults on Halloween. And I was carrying Bella's jacket while she trick-or-treated because it was warm. And I found out the next morning, on the way into her school, that I accidentally spilled a wee bit of beer on her jacket. I'll let you guess which one of us smelled like we had spent the night in the gutter.

    Good times.

  12. You know I had to laugh, right?
    (Just caught up on the last month or so here... why do I fall behind so badly? Anyway... interesting stuff with the boys. You never did say what they both think of it. Or did you tell them?)