Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bloody hell

I am exasperated to the nth degree right now.

My husband has been away and things have conveniently gone nuts in the meantime. The kids have all been sick with stomach ailments and colds and coughs.


The very expensive crib broke in the middle of the night and thank goodness Julius woke up and cried. Something bad might have happened....I don't even want to think about it. I just never ever want to hear another asshole asserting that cribs are always safer than the family bed. We had it professionally put together, and it didn't matter. Reality is that cribs break all the time and babies get caught between mattresses and the side and BAD things happen. I don't know what we're going to do now. He won't fit back in my uterus, not that it was a safe place....


We've had more snow than anyone can believe and the city has decided to barely clear any away. I think it's because the private contractor who clears snow for the City of Toronto was made responsible for any snow related road damage this year, and as a result is not letting the plow blades get too near the roads and curbs. Except then the roads still have snow on them. Ooops.


My Doctor has still not called back, which is bizarre. Dr.J. always returns my calls because she knows me and knows I'm not just calling to chat. I've called her office again for the eighth time and they have the report but she hasn't called. Meanwhile I am still having fibroid related symptoms and am getting increasingly freaked out.


My brother in law P has finally agreed to come back to Canada, since he has no money, no friends and no family in Belgium. (Ok, technically he has a wife but God forbid she pay for some food or get him a Doctor. Did I ever mention that they are still legally married? Yah, class act there...) We have sent him a plane ticket. He won't be in my city, but instead is going to stay with another set of relatives and hopefully in a place of his own eventually. But since his mental state is a disaster and he is drinking again, he will likely not even get on the right plane, or he will have a breakdown in the air and get tasered by the RCMP. (The Mounties ain't what they used to be.)

Meanwhile he has become a weak sick old man who could hardly hurt a fly. A year of starvation, semi-homelessness and barely treated mental illness will do that to a guy. The Doctors were shocked he was alive a year ago considering the condition of his heart and liver. I can't imagine the state he is in now.

And yeah, we'll have to pay out of pocket for medical treatment for him. He paid taxes in Canada as a citizen and resident for 30 years and later as a non-resident but since he lived abroad, that's all erased. He won't qualify for welfare or disability or anything. Remember, here in Canada we abandon our citizens as soon as they cross the border, so don't let anything bad happen while you are gone!


Next problem: I am trying to deal with the house reno design all by myself, but that isn't really working. I am pretty practical. I don't want to do a design that will result in a huge legal fight and on our narrow city lot we can't do everything on earth, but we can do a nice average house. But without my husband's input it's useless to go much further.

And he refuses to look at it. And the roof is falling in. Kind of a problem when it is snowing inside the bedrooms....denial will not work forever me thinks.


My final thought for the day? I'm really hoping hard that Obama fires his new Head Chef for the White House, Sam Kass. Can't link to it right now, (updated: links done )but if you go to the New York Times Well Blog, you will see a quote from him where he asserts "the abundance of high fructose corn syrup in lunches and snacks has been shown to have a direct link to the attention deficit disorder epidemic." Except for that whole pesky issue of SCIENCE. You know the thing that Obama promised to follow? In the Inauguration speech?

Look, HFCS sucks, and it isn't healthy for anyone, but I am really fucking sick and tired of idiots saying that mental illness and poverty is caused by moral failings and if we all just hitched up our britches and ate right we'd all be able to ditch our meds.

So here's hoping Obama decides to google the International Consensus Statement on ADHD and believe what over 100 Doctors and Scientists signed in a scientifically credible peer-reviewed publication.

Cause I don't need this. Just don't.


  1. You're very clever when you're being snarky. I kind of want to giggle but maybe it's not so appropriate.

    Jeez, the crib breaking would really scare me too. So glad that Julius is ok. It's not one of the recalled ones is it?

  2. Exasperation sounds sucky.

    Remember that add...'calgon take me away'....?
    Not that bubble baths cure exasperation.
    At this point it probably won't hurt.

  3. call the crib manufacturer and they will send you a new part (or crib) immediately. One of the sides on ours cracked and I called the mfg and was surprised that without even my having to prove I bought one of their cribs they promptly shipped me a new side.

  4. you need a glass of wine, a massage and a TON of chocolate my friend (at least that's what works for me!).

    i can't believe that you haven't busted any heads after what you've been through as of late.

    i'm so glad that julius is okay. i don't know what i would do if that happened to my kid!

  5. Tara, it's not one of the recalled ones. I called the store but they were less than helpful because it will take a long time to ship another one like it, so it's been repaired and I am nervously considering using it.

    Sigh...I can't wait until he climbs out of it and we can just put the mattress on the floor. Much much safer, at least it was for the older boys.

  6. Sorry to hear about the ongoing travails of your poor BIL P... Hope he gets to some sort of sanctuary.
    But as huge as Mr J is, couldn't you put him in a toddler bed now? just a thought...

  7. The crib broke?! What did Julius do in there?

    Hopefully the return home will give him the needed break. Wishing your entire family the best.

    Science, humbug!

  8. holy crap about the crib. i'm catching up on a few posts at once...good news about BIL making it safely into the country.

    everyone IS a shrink, btw. you didn't know? ;)

  9. Hope someone/something can turn that exasperation down soon. It sounds like it's getting to fever pitch!