Monday, January 26, 2009

Eight months of Julius

I missed writing on his eight month birthday yesterday, but I thought I at least owed you all an update on him. Things have changed a LOT in the last month alone.

So little Julius, who was never little, is now freakin' huge. Ginormous, in fact, if that's a word. He is at least 23 pounds and umm, I think 28 inches long/tall? Hard to measure with the helmet.

Speaking of which, his helmet for his plagiocephaly (flat head) is going well. His head circumference grew another cm, so more of the flat part filled out nicely. He's lovely and round now! We might actually get out of the helmet in one or two more months. (Depends on if he grows a little more.) Most kids have to do at least until 12 months, but he is growing so fast, it's definitely getting cut down in our case.

I am convinced it's all the protein he still gets whether it's from the beans added to every veggie meal, or the eggs and chicken and beef and and fish. (Ok, he's not such a fish fan....trout is kind of bleh. He likes salmon better. I'm going to post a list later of his fave foods for my own records, no time now.)

And maybe I mentioned he got his first tooth?

Yeah, it broke through on New Year's Eve, and since then he has gotten that one and five more.

Yeah, five.

Six teeth in 25 days is bloody awful, I have to tell you. Baby Tempra, Tylenol, and Infant Motrin, especially the non-staining kind are my friends and his, people. Seriously in love.

He can also scoot backwards on his tummy, now, and sit up no problem, and pull up. He is trying to pull up and walk while holding onto people! Amazing.

I'm working on kiddieproofing and gates and reorganizing stuff so that when he really starts moving, I can relax and not worry he'll play with the french knives. Or rip into the computer cables.

Gotta go, have to pick up a sick kid. I-yiiii


  1. That's a lot of teeth in a short amount of time. Pob got her first one sometime around Julius' age or a bit younger, but still only has 6 despite looking like she's teething pretty much constantly. Ah well.

  2. Hi Aurelia,

    Just wanted to delurk and say hello, and happy 8 months to Julius! I've been catching up on your blog, and it makes for great reading during breaks at work! I can see how curious you are about who's lurking out here, so I figured I'd drop a quick comment and become more than a StatCounter stat.

  3. So much has happened since Julius was born (in my life) but I specifically remember sitting at my computer in our previous home reading about it. Happy 8 months Julius and Aurelia!

  4. Holy cannoli he's growing fast. That's a lot of teeth. Pepper's got 2 teeth but is just over 15 pounds. She's a little one for sure.

  5. Yay Julius! What a list of milestones. And good news on the head!
    Poor guy to get all those teeth so fast. It hurt just to read that.

  6. Sounds like he's coming along very well.