Saturday, January 10, 2009

Resolution update

So my diet/not really diet/healthful eating thing is going well. I've lost a few pounds, and my fancy new scale says that my bodyfat is going down and my water percentage is the same, so it isn't water I'm losing.

I was 138ish. That by the way means that with clothes and glasses on, I was 138.9 or 139, and with clothes off and contacts in like in the morning before I get dressed, I was 138. I'm trying to weigh myself in the morning, same time of day, and not dressed, because I have discovered that clothes, and watches and glasses and belts and shoes can really change your weight! So you know---you think, hey I lost weight, and then you weigh yourself at night with a bunch of clothes and bam, you think you gained....yeah, I know, you all knew this, but on behalf of the ignorant here, be generous.

I am 135 right now, a week later. I was 134, but I go up and down here and there, so it's not bad. My bodyfat is 32%, which is a hell of a lot lower than it was before. (I told you I had no muscles...if you check the web, that is baaad baby.)

So I've stuck with the no alcohol regime, (12,000 extra calories per month if you have a couple glasses a night, eeek!!) and I am eating smaller amounts of normal meals, but all the same things. I am not buying smarties and Reese's peanut butter cups which are my major weaknesses, and I am trying to eat some more veggies, but I already have enough diet restrictions as it is, since I am severely lactose intolerant, and have other health issues, so I can't do any of the fad diets out there, or detoxing, or protein diets.

I am stuck with moderation. Nuthin' fancy. I already eat pretty low fat as it is, since everything I touch is dairy free, but I have to make the kids meals with some dairy and higher levels of fat or they will not have the normal weight gain they need. We try to keep the transfats to a minimum cause they aren't good for anyone.

But in the end, I just eat a smaller portion of whatever I was eating before. Like, instead of 8 chocolate cookies, I only eat two. If I eat none, I just feel bitter and deprived, so I decided not to ban chocolate treats completely.

Okay, as for renovations, we have discovered more leaks in the roof above Kaz's bedroom. And a major crack in the bathtub/shower handle, and I think we have mold in the house again because I am continuously stuffy and it isn't possible to have allergies like this in winter, unless I have mold somewhere again. So my poor darling husband is slowly starting to accept that he has to renovate sooner as opposed to later. The only question is how much to spend and how far to go. Personally, I want to do it right, not luxuriously, but nicely, and live here until the kids grow up and then we can move into a condo. He wants to spend as little as possible (Cheep, cheep cheep says the birdie!) and live here until we can't stand it any longer and then beg on bended knee for someone to buy it off of us. And I'm like, umm, why would we beg? Why would we put in cheap, crappy materials and just have to redo it in a few years when everything breaks? And then he hyperventilates and starts muttering about the market and apocalypse and armageddon and the end of the world as we know it. And I laugh. Cause if he was really worried, he'd stop spending so much money. And honey, can he spend....

But at least he's talking about it, so I have to give him some credit. Now I just have to call our poor architect and have the embarassing conversation about starting up again and by the way he can't show the husband his face because every single time husband gets an email, the hyperventilating starts again.

I looked at the BlogHer registration page and I'm trying to figure out how to sign up, and then realized, holy shit, I'll have to use my real name. I can't just show up with a bag over my face, a wallet full of unmarked bills and a business card with Aurelia on it, can I? I know lots of people use pseudonyms and for them, it's no big deal, but for me---it's personal safety. This is going to take some figuring out. I mean, I'll need the damn passport, and credit cards. And what do they put on your conference badge? Your fake name? Your blog address? Whatever you want?

I'm already planning my wardrobe here...hoodies, a wig, colored contacts, and a set of fake buck teeth.

This is going to be worse than that crime victims conference I went to a few years back, where the person running it decided to have the entire thing filmed and didn't tell anyone before. Then she announced that 80% of the non-police attendees were crime victims. Every single cop, judge, and lawyer in the place was walking up to the civilians on the coffee breaks and asking, "So, what kind of crime happened to you?", cause they had no idea what the hell else to ask. They were horribly uncomfortable and we were all ducking and hiding everytime a camera swung our way. (I mean, duh, we were all the victims of personal crimes, not corporate fraud. Sensitivity--not so much.) It was total utter hell. Most of us didn't want to walk up to the microphones to talk, so there was almost no participation.

But last years BlogHer seemed by all accounts to be very well-attended and lots of participation, so they must be better at it, yet there were pictures everywhere?

Okey-dokey people, I know some of you attended last year and didn't come out completely, soooo, how did you do it? Real Name? Blog Name? Did you tell some people some things, and say nothing to others? Did you have two cards with different stuff on them? Or is everyone magically completely cool?

As for the lasers and health stuff? I am going to call my GP and ask her for some referrals this week. I've been researching and the price and quality varies pretty dramatically. And who knows if they correspond? It's my eyesight at minimum, so I don't want to go cheap, but I don't want to spend stupidly.

Meanwhile, my period will not end, and my hormones are not acting pleasantly. So I'm going to have to get that under control. It's still not good, months later. I'm getting an ultrasound next week to check if the damn Fibroid ever shrank and left.

I have to know. Am I the only person in the blogosphere who still has IF-related health problems after finishing having kids? Cause none of you ever seem to talk about it, unless you are trying for another baby. And I have no intention of spending the rest of my natural life having my period 2 weeks out of 4. It sucks people. Really.

So help? Anyone? BlogHer questions and cooter questions?


  1. just willpower questions. I start today.

  2. My periods decreased after Mirena IUD...i guess its good for more than just birth control *snort* I spotted/bled for 3 $#^@ing months after it was inserted. Since then, I get a period ever 3-4 months and its usually nothing more than a day of spotting.

  3. Good for you on the weight loss, I know how much of a struggle it really is.

  4. Moderation is good. My very first Weight Watchers leader used to say that if she had her druthers, she'd weigh in wearing chiffon. ; ) I actually weighed in once, ducked out to go to the washroom, & then weighed in when I got back. It was a whole 0.6 lb difference!!

    Sorry, no words of wisdom on BlogHer. I do know lots of women, online & IRL, who have continued to have gyn problems post-pregnancy, so I'm sure you are not alone. Glad you are getting it checked out.

  5. I am with you on the reno thinking. Get it done properly. I'm sure if you forward this comment to your husband it will completely change his point of view so he agrees with you. A job done properly is worth its weight in gold.


  6. OK. 2x BlogHer attendee. I've always blogged using my real name, but the first year about 40% had pseudonyms - that's the ONLY thing that appeared on their tag. Last year it was less (maybe 25-30). Pictures - not too much, but they did do some videotaping of sessions, so if you asked a question you might appear.

    From the first year, I saw one picture of myself up on the web, but it was a picture I had posed for. Last year, none. (I would have had some taken, but most of the conference was on the Sabbath and I don't use a camera then.)

    The conference was a blast, with amazing swag & people who were really fun to talk to (I flew in from Israel, so that was an easy conversation-starter) - I'm shy, but was never left sitting alone...

    About after-IF stuff. Sorry, can't help. I'm actually dealing with bc issues, which, not surprisingly, are also not fun.

  7. I am not done (oyyyyy), but I am still having post-Cub issues. My thyroiditis is the worst it has ever been, and I am seriously thinking of burning the fucker out after I am no longer needed for the boob juice purposes. My weight is horrendous, and I am not sure what to do about that. Endo says control thyroid first, see what happens after. But I am also having high fasting glucoses, so I may call him back next week if it continues to ask what he wants to do about that. He specializes in thyroid, so we will see whether he wants me to go pester someone else. And the weight means worse IF and worse pg problems if I can't lose. So I have to lose, but just thinking about how hard it will be is making me want to cry. So I limit how much I think about it. So ehh... yes, I am having problems, but not so much with the desire to talk about them...

  8. It would be nice if they could get af tweaked for you.
    I know periods get heavier the more kids you have but that sounds awful.
    Stress gives me a period every 2 weeks. Been there with that in that kind of a way.
    And it's not just the bleeding and feeling phsically awful it's the irritablility and such that make life hard for everyone am I right?
    It can be a fun learning kind of time for you to get this sorted out. Best wishes on that.

  9. Definitely still getting the problems - periods heavier & clottier plus PMT makes me a depressed monster 10 days a month and I have about 14lb to shift. Joy.

  10. Hi Aurelia:When registering you will be asked what you want on your badge, and you can definitely just put your pseudonym and blog URL or just one of those on your badge.

    Lots of people do take pictures, but we ask people to be sensitive, and if someone asks not to be photographed, to respect that.

  11. Oh, my endo flared right the hell up afterwards, so I got a Mirena. It had The Most Embarrassing Side Effect EVAR. Not bad, just...weird.

    Email me if you want to know.

  12. Are you exercising, I know its not easy with a young baby but a long walk pushing him in the pushchair is just as good as 20 minutes of cardio. I lost most of weight that way, especially when he had colic, it was the only way to shut him up :)


  13. I think you're spot on with how you're eating healthier. Slow and steady is the best way to keep it that way permanently. And I will be having a talk with my OB/GYN after we have the twins. I've never been on the pill before, and the one where you get it only every 3 months sounds really appealing. I usually get it every 3 weeks when I'm not on IF treatments. We'll see what she says. I know I'm over 35, which is a risk, but I don't smoke.

  14. How did I miss this? You're going to blogher? Hmmm. (Chicago in July is . . . brutal. Augh.) I'd want to be "tash" too, so I see your point.

    I'll spare you the details of my monthly misery, but let's just say things are worse, and I have such a fucking aversion to the OB/GYN and anything reproductively related that chances are great I'll do nothing about them. Sucks. Tempted to rip the whole mess right out.