Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday week

Julius the Great, Emperor of the Universe, or at least of our house, is one year old now. He just had his birthday and well, is practically a grown up. Barely needs me anymore....ok, not really, but he is very very cute. And standing on his own, and almost walking but not quite. He grabs people's fingers, one in each hand, and then runs at top speed, in whatever direction he desires, and expects us to keep up with him. He has no fear of heights, or concept of stairs or steps, or which direction is up or down or level. He just GOES!!

Adorable but not really practical. I fear for the rest of his lovely forehead at this rate! He is terrified of loud noises and especially showers and the printer on the computer. I tried to take him in the shower and let him play with some bath toys at my feet one day and he screamed like he was going insane and we gave up on that plan. Anyway, he is also growing molars. Four at once. Cause hey, why do anything halfway, right? We have given him tempra round the clock and he is chewing and gnawing on frozen washcloths and freezies and such, but he really is suffering. Kills me to see it. I can't wait until it's over, and he feels less cranky and whiny.

Which is why I am so tired and barely blogging right now. I can manage twitter from my phone, but that's about it, and what with mercury retrograde and all, technology has been suffering greatly at our house. I am on my second blackberry this month and it still isn't working perfectly. Then my husband's phone broke, and then my nanny's phone bill was astronomical but it was all a mistake. The roof leaked again and fornicating raccoons took up residence. The power keeps going out and the new car broke down and carpenter ants invaded, and now I am finding broken punched in bits of drywall everywhere. So far, the dishwasher, the whippersnipper, the back gate, the bathtub drain, the shower and the baby's crib have broken again in May.

Really, it's all a bit freaky when things go haywire around here. So I've been busy!

Now, nobody is seriously ill or anything, and for that, I have to thank my lucky stars, do not misunderstand me. We have the money to fix it all, and it will get repaired--but umm, it's a lot to break at once, isn't it?

Actually, Mac is sick as we speak, fever of 103.5, poor baby. He is supposed to go to sleepover camp with his class tomorrow and likely will not go. I am sad for him feeling sick, but as you all know, hate sleepaway camp and secretly am kind of glad. Bad me.

Ok, someone is crying. Tylenol for them and wine for me.....where did I leave that brown paper bag......yawn.....


  1. I can't believe it's been a year already!! Happy birthday to Julius! And I hope things start running on a more even keel for you shortly. I don't know why cr@p always seems to happen in clusters, but it does.

  2. Fornicating raccoons?!?

    Happy birthday to J.

  3. Happy birthday to you Julius :)


  4. Happy birthday Julius!

    It is a lot to break all at once. Even though it is all fixable, having to do it is annoying.

  5. Julius is so cute the fornicating racoons would hardly distract me from kissing him all day long.

    that is a lot of crap but it reminds me, i need a new blackberry too.

  6. Happy Birthday Julius! Sorry about the onset of all the molars...

    Yes, that is an awful lot of breakage going on. On the plus side, I am hopeful that once you get it all fixed, you won't have to repair anything for a looong time!

  7. Happy Birthday J-boy! & my sympathies on poor Mac's big boy** also just fought off the "ubiquitous virus" but I hope like hell he didn't pass it on to me, I don't have TIME to be sick! (mild scratchy throat, cough)
    **somehow he talked Mommy into an early B/D present of an iPhone!?! & I am beginning to understand why all this technology can be so addictive...