Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm here, just blocked

I'm not disappeared totally, just blocked on something big I need to write about. This week I have been hysterical and upset and freaking out and calmer and angry then strategizing. Sort of in that order.

Doctors suck, life sucks, and then----you just decide to forget about everything.

Political buddies--friends I met in Vancouver? It was lovely lovely wonderful and awesome meeting you, but FYI, this is more of a personal blog, and although I do write about politics sometimes, you might not find what you are looking for.

Oh, and Manuela and I did not end up meeting, darn. She is doing well, single, and enjoying her life in BC. (Psst, she is on Facebook if you ever want to say hi!)

My pumped breastmilk made it back, in my checked luggage, although it did get squished, and I lost about 1/3 of the bags to bursting or spoiling. Made me cry. All that work, down the drain. I still fail to understand why Stephen Harper is terrified of my breasts? They really aren't that scary dude! Even the Americans aren't scared of pumped breastmilk and Medela breastpumps. In fact, in every country around the world, they are just fine with women bringing breastmilk back after being separated from their babies. Meanwhile CATSA scanned me like I was a terrorist and ignored my letter from the breastfeeding clinic stating it was a real medical device.



  1. Never say that Americans aren't afraid of breast milk and pumps! I don't believe it!

    I hope you can get your mind around whatever is bothering you.

  2. There's a joke here about asses and boobs, but I think I need another cup of coffee to come up with it.

  3. Damn, I should have shipped you some of my heavy-duty specimen bags (for liquids). I doubt they would have burst!

  4. For once, the U.S. DIDN'T screw something up. However, I think it is probably more that every TSA agent that I came across was below the age of 30 and squirly about boobs that make milk. I even had to bring my pump with to a courthouse for jury duty, and the female deputies got the giggles. Blech.

    Hope you can work through what is bothering you-and that it works out OK.