Saturday, May 02, 2009

More Constitutional blahblah

Spending a lot of time on twitter these's just easier to do off of the blackberry, especially because wireless costs a gazillion dollars a day here. Starving imminent, if you ever want to go on a radical diet, go to a Liberal convention.

Feeling better this morning, but still quite unhappy. I think I also miss my kids and especially the baby so likely that's causing me to be more emotional! pumping sucks when you already have low supply and then have a machine set to low power.....just waiting for CATSA to tell me the machine is a bomb again and that my frozen breastmilk is a biohazard. Fucking morons....

I'm meeting a lot of lovely wonderful people these days, and old friends who are fun to hang with, so I'm just going to focus on that, K?

Also, I met Tara from Run for my money, and her supercute baby Ruby! And later Manuela from the former Thin Pink Line blog and I will be hanging out and I will be sure to update you on that.

Take care peeps, back to twittering!


  1. It was really great to meet you. Hope you had a successful weekend.

  2. Hmmm, all we're getting on the news here is the Liberal convention. It certainly would be more fun to actually be there and meet up with some of the great ladies you're seeing.