Saturday, May 02, 2009

Such an odd convention

I'm kinda out and kinda in and hell I've met a lot of nice people so far....I've actually met in person a whole bunch of Liberal bloggers and they are great!

So far there are lots of fun and great things happening and I'm glad I came for that reason.

Only problem is that I've had a weird issue come up with a friend. And because my usual style is to blog like I'm bleeding all over the page, I really really want to talk about it. Just open up a vein and spill every emotion, y'know? But I can't.

I can't cry or look sad or talk about it at all.

Off to eat and have a few drinks.....sigh.....


  1. It's really hard to read something more into someone's actions than they intended. Rejection hurts, no matter how old you are. I hope the rest of your convention goes better.

  2. So mean, I don't get some people sometimes, they seems to have lost all touch with humanity.

    Enjoy the drinks!