Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The post about poo

I am having a colonoscopy today and I've been tweeting about it since yesterday, so click on the sidebar thingy to read more. I'll blog more later, but the reason I need it, is because my lovely children keep bringing parasites back from their very expensive summer sleepaway camps.

And now I may have inflammatory bowel disease, which will cost the Ministry of Health a pile of money to treat. I could refuse to let the kids go to camp I guess, but then everyone would call me a bitch, or maybe I just need to insist that the Ontario Ministry of the Environment enforce the clean water regulations they keep saying they have. I know they don't give a damn about the Ministry of Health budget, but you'd think someone would?

Praying I don't die on the table here. Cause you know that all hospital procedures always go perfectly for me, and I never have any funny reactions to anesthesia. Sigh.....

But at least it's free right!



  1. What about the kids? Do they have IBD too? Or need colonoscopies? Yikes.

  2. good luck getting your pooper checked! i've had a couple colonscopies and they were a breeze. it's the procedures that you're awake for that are scary!

    i'm thinking that now that i'm endo free that my IBD is going to be so much better. i've been eating like a champ with no bowel issues whatsoever. at least for now!

  3. Hope things are ok! Do they give you pictures? Don't post them, k? :)

  4. I see in the sidebar that you're Twittering, so you made it through all right. : ) My dh had a colonoscopy two years ago when he hit 50. All went well except the fentanyl they gave him really threw him (& his poor empty stomach) for a loop. They have a note in his file to use a different sedative the next time around. :p

  5. Yikes! Apparently you have survived you colonoscopy (based on your sidebar). Congratulations? Hope all is well up there in your colon.

  6. Aren't diagnostic tests da bomb?? [scroll down on mine for the latest]
    Wishing you an uneventful recovery...

  7. Oh dear aurelia, hope it turns out fine for you! You're goign through it lately eh :(


  8. oh this is so not cool. i have had three endoscopic surgeries and anythign with the bowel is just... crappy. excuse the pun.