Sunday, August 01, 2010


We have a blog design facelift in progress, people. So it may look dorky for now. Blogger put out some new templates, with like a bazillion color choices, so we're going with this background for now, and the lovely Calliope is doing me up a masthead so it will look very fancy and stuff.

Except I am terrible at making decisions, and now I don't know if it looks weird, or awesome or whatever? I have no ability to do this computer stuff beyond typing and pressing obvious things like "post", although I have picked up a few minor things over the years. So thank God someone else is doing those bits.

Anyway. What do you think? We're going to keep fiddling. Any opinions? Ideas?

The reason I needed a new look, in case you are wondering, is because I am going to BlogHer again, and I want to be one of those fancy shmancy high end bloggers with business cards that match their blogs and their twitter backgrounds.

Words are good, but looks count in blogging. I guess. Who knew? I think in 4 years I have only seen one blog so ugly I had to click away. Most were lovely, but it didn't matter to me much. I've seen lots of professional company websites that were hideously ugly and non-functional, but really, only one blog. And that person changed their blog. So there.

So my boring blog will be getting tweaked. Continously. Keep clicking back and see if anything is different.