Friday, December 29, 2006

Distract me please

After yesterday's mood hit, I realized I was getting some traffic from various places. Thank you all for taking my mind off my navel-gazing. I'm feeling a bit better.

Clare over at three minute palaver has tagged me for the 6 weird things meme, and that will be my next post. Y'know the one where I get to write leisurely and calmly while my living children play sweetly at my feet, and my husband massages my neck and serves me bonbons, telling my to take my time on the computer.

Umm, yeah.....not so much

In fact, they are all pissed off at me for even looking at the computer, so I may not be doing much blogging in the next week. Nevermind that the only thing they want me to do is referee their Nintendo DS fights, their Lego arguments, etc. etc. you get the idea. I really have to get them out of the house. Stir-crazy does not begin to describe it.

I will quickly say that I am very happy with todays' Globe & Mail editorial on the AHR (Assisted Human Reproduction Act). Their editorials are so freakin' awesome and bang on on this subject, it would not have been better if I had written them myself.

Today, I heart the Globe and Mail Editorial Board.

*Smoochies from the IF community, dahlings!*

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  1. I will miss you while you are not around to post, but hopefully you will enjoy the time with your family. In fact, I had better get back to mine. He's staring at me as I type here.