Friday, December 15, 2006

If you don't think I'm a bitch, read on

Look, right now I feel 3 inches high after today. It has been a tough week in the female blogosphere. And in my familysphere. I love reading blogs. I feel like I have 3 million new buddies everytime I get online. Problem is that I really need a label on my head first to warn people: hormonally challenged, highly emotional, intensely loyal, overreacting, political ADD chick who is newish to blogging but has been doing this crap IRL for like 10 or 15 years.

Even my forehead won't fit THAT!

So the next time I come out with a zinger that pisses anyone off, you really need to tell me, email me, or leave a comment. And if you don't want to use my well-intentioned ideas, pat me on the head and ignore me, but always know that my heart really is in the right place, not JUST directly below the foot stuck in my mouth, okay?

Oh, and as far as commenting, I'm in Beta, which sucks BTW, and if your blog is not beta blogger, or you are smart and use typepad, then here's how to comment without transferring your current blog.

Basically you create a google ID (an email address), user name (user name can't be changed later so try to get one you like) and password at the beta site.

They may ask you if you want to create a blog...easy solution, say no, but under the About Me description, write

"My usual internet name is Blahblah and my real blog is at *insert my address here* . You can email me at blahblah @ sdnlsdk "

and this will allow me to see you and wave madly, maybe even visit your blog too. I personally like it when people show me where they are from, just because it makes life a little friendlier, but I also get privacy and I swear to never reveal anyone's personal details, if they don't want them known.

I have to go sleep now. At lunch time Friday my 10yo kidlet with a bleeding nose is getting cauterized. I am trying to convince myself that really they aren't going to stick a large electric cattle prod up his nasal artery, it will just be a tiny thing...but it's hard. I think this will be way harder than the ER. I mean all they did there was hold bandages on him. Today they will stick a metal surgical instrument up his nose and send an electric shock through it. It will be painless, and simple, and end all the nosebleeds.

It will be okay. I will not practice transference. I will not take my nervousness out on internet people, even meanies.

I'll write about it later.


  1. Keep it up with your strong opinions. They are so enjoyable to read. Much more so than so-called nice people. I hate those nice people, much rather read blogs from people who are self annointed bitches. Rant on I say!

  2. I've followed you here from Manuela's place.
    It has been an upsetting week! And I certainly agree that Manuela's freedom to tell her story uncensored, is worth defending.

    Perhaps it's the time of year. In any case I need to get me some thicker skin, if I want to last in the blogging world. And if I ever got trolled, I would be only too glad if someone jumped to my defense.