Friday, December 01, 2006

Meeting bloggers in person

It's really weird meeting internet friends in person, because inevitably they are very different than on the web. Libloggers, so far seem to be similar to Trekkies, 22 year old basement dwellers devoted to their computers, and afraid to speak to girls. I guess they're worried we might bite.

But not every Liberal blogger...yesterday, I met a well-known one for the first time. We've had an email relationship for ages, we are both in Toronto, yet we had never met in person at party events.

And he's cute. Really cute.

I'm married, and he's married and barely knows who I am, but damn----he's cute.

These are the moments when I'm glad I still have my eyesight---and can enjoy it.



  1. I've only met two bloggers in person...Catherine (Nicolas' Garden) and Sarah (Surviving My Loss). Both hot...but both I couldn't really enjoy them. lol.

  2. I take that back...there were a couple more...but no hotness was really appreciated with them (sorry guys).

  3. I have only met one person in real life from the internet. And what was strange to me was that I felt like I had known her my whole life.