Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pizza Hut is never getting another dime from me

*Update below* & *Again*

There are so many things wrong here, I don't even know where to begin...

Pizza Hut UK is running this campaign, but rest assured Pizza Hut Canada and Pizza Hut Head Office owned by Yum Co.!, and/or Pepsico. Doesn't matter, because I will blame ALL of you jointly and severally. IMHO, anyone who could dream up such and s----- and c---- campaign truly deserves the title of (Blank). (I took this obscene name down cause they took their site down)

Oh, and BTW, I will be phoning and emailing all my close family & friends who are IF and adopted and adopting all about your "lighthearted campaign."

And especially about your kind and sensitive letter to Kim.Kim, written by Simon Wallis, Director of Retail Marketing, UK. I'll tell them all to write Mr.Wallis at . Then they can share their experiences of adopting cheesy bread bites, for cash, and then eating them....oops their children, oops their cheesy bread....

Oh, and Pizza Hut, just a little FYI but did you know that statistically hedge fund managers and stock traders must also be adopted, or adopting and have gone through IF? I don't know anyone like that personally, so I could never tell them a thing myself, but I wonder what happens when they google your company, get offended, and short sell your stock? (Okay no one should do this for real, just pointing out something that should've been bloody obvious to anynone with a brain)

I'm just a consumer....maybe you don't care about me...but I'm betting you care about Wall Street. Doncha?

Updated to add: Turns out that the adopt-a-bite site has been taken down...good. I hear some incredibly mature person at Pizza Hut ended it. Now I'm just wondering when we all get our apology. Feel free to comment on any of our blogs, or email us Weiden & Kennedy. Yes, I saw that you clicked on my blog from your static IP.

Hello! \/\/\/\ (that's me waving my hand)

So, why didn't you leave a comment? Not sure what to say? Take a lesson from my son: It starts with "I'm sorry." If a six year old can manage it, you could try too.


Update for Dec.18th : They still haven't apologized, but at this point, I'm sure they all just wish this would go away so I figure we're at detente, right? I'm less angry right now, more like disappointed in them. I'm not going to buy anything from them still, but I'll stop gossiping about them with the other people I know. I DO think all their own mothers would all be ashamed of them though!

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  1. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. You are exactly the type of person that I was hoping to meet by starting my blog. You made my day and thanks for the website referral. I will be sure to visit you again. Great blog and thanks again! I hate Pizza Hut too by the way! You have my support.