Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Returned to earth

and my very boring life. Leadership is over, my jetsetting meetings are over, and I am so freakin' wiped I can't believe it. Poor DH is incomprehensibly tired, and since as per usual he refuses to go to a Doctor, his cold has turned into a wicked chest cough/bronchitis thing.

I must now nurse my big baby back to health, if he will let me. Cutting out red wine, fine french cheeses, and getting eight hours of sleep at night might help, all ideas that don't fly much in this house- The little babies survived. They refused to eat anything while I was gone, and since his idea of feeding them involves preparing complicated sophisticated gourmet meals, & yelling at them when they refuse to eat the vile stuff, I'm back to fattening up the kids like the witch in Hansel & Gretel.

I might stop by the campaign office and help cleanup, but after that, I'm back to laundry and blogreading I guess. And of course, promptly returning those v skinny jeans. (Insert muffled laughter here).

Tell you all more about the bizarre conference tomorrow...must sleep now.

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