Thursday, December 07, 2006

Share the Love y'all, Share the Love

*Warning: Snark Alert!*

*Edited to add, I woke up and realized my mixture of funny and serious may have offended some of you, apologies, please attempt to see my 2:30 am version of humour. If anyone is pissed, I'll change or take down parts, K?*

So I am happy to report that my Canadian hits may actually be growing...I've only been doing this for months now, but yes, someone has finally noticed from INSIDE my own damn country. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my buddies from all around the world, but it was getting a bit strange. A few posts back I used the name of a well-known Canadian blogger, and well, gee, here we are! Should've done this earlier, although minus the heavy breathing might've been good. Hopefully I haven't scandalized anyone.

Of course, later on I might've mentioned a dildocam story, and scared them off, or used a term like TTC and made them think I was unable to get on a bus. hehe - (TTC = trying to concieve, but in Toronto, TTC = Toronto Transit Commission) Yeah, I need to catch that bus boys, bring that Red Rocket home to mama....

Soooo, in the last week or more, I've missed much doings in the blog world and newsworld. I've been reading like mad to catch up, and here goes with just a few of my faves. - Santa has been sick! Eeek! Poor sweetie...(Does this get me on the nice list? Cause I'd like a gift-see below) - Manuela's vacation pix may have inspired me to get tatooed --- or just go to Vegas. Check out her design and you will see that those dudes at the Blog Awards have no idea what they missed. Seriously, though, she could use some love too, go visit, she's worried she may not be able to "get on the bus" either. - Baggage needs some sperm. Got any? Y'know, just lying around somewhere? *Sigh* I swear, sometimes I think it would be easier to score some ecstasy than to get some good, germ-free, frozen sperm....I'm really trying Bags, for you - anything.

On a less jokey note, any lawyers know how to help AJW5403 at ? I'm thinking anonymous tipline...but I'm not sure?!? I mean there is a gun involved and all?

And just for good measure, Cecily at has yet another highly controversial, and kick ass ethical discussion on dwarves, deaf culture, and PGD. (Don't ask me, you have to click on it to find out.)

Sadly it is now time to inform the media, that since I am a mother I too must automatically be a homicidal, post partum depressed child killer, with a penchant for alienating my children from their father, and a schizo tendency to alternate between the twin evils of staying home and neglecting my kids, and/or putting them in bad daycare. (This last one depends on who is beating me with *The Bad Mother Stick* at the time. So hard to keep track...)

Santa, one tiny gift please? For Christmas, could one major newspaper SOMEWHERE on earth write a story entitled, "New study proves: Majority of mothers do a good job." It would just be nice to get a pat on the back instead of a kick in the ass sometimes.

That's all.

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