Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Share some love please

*Updated below*

Clare over at Three Minute Palaver is having a very difficult Christmas. She finally got pregnant and everything was going very well, until a few days ago when she began to bleed. A threatened miscarriage is always terrible but during the holiday season it can be even more stressful. She'll be posting another update soon after her ultrasound, but please visit her and let her know we all care.
My heart goes out to you Clare. I'm so sorry you have to go through this stress.

ETA: Clare's latest post here shows that miracles really do happen. Maybe Christmas spirit is real after all?

Oh Clare, and I tried posting there but Blogger has a hiccup. Maybe they need a miracle too?


  1. thanks Aurelia. I am estatic and emotionally drained. Hope you had a good xmas. You are a true gem thinking of me through all this.

  2. Thanks for the referral Aurelia! Another good blog to visit and another good story. Hope you are well.