Monday, January 01, 2007

Restarting the New Year

I am redoing my resolutions post after this. Nicole was right, some of these things are not in my control. (No, I know you were not intending on making the point, but yes, I'm taking it to heart!)So if the are not in my control, how can I resolve to fix them? They can be hopes and dreams but making them resolutions, just gives me something to beat myself up about.

Not productive, or positive.

Today on the productive and positive front, I have taken loads of vitamins, had a decent night's sleep, 2 good meals so far, sat in front of my Golite this a.m. for an hour on full power, took the kids out skating, and skated myself. (Okay, more wobbling and weebling than skating, but still I gave exercise a really good shot, okay?)

I emailed someone about getting a new blog design, attempted to fix bloglines again, and tried to figure out categories for my blogroll. Some of you fit into multiple categories, and gripped with indecision, I have of course, done nothing. But, it turns out Bloglines has some issue with Beta. It's not just me, thank God! Same with Technorati, although my multiple installs and reinstalls probably didn't help, whoopsie.

And now I am tackling the CALENDAR. Yes, the nemesis, the giant calendar in the kitchen that governs my life like a dictator on crack. Every appointment, every event, every birthday, everything on earth goes in this thing, and I ignore it at my peril. I also have to sync it with my purse calendar and Mr. Cotta's Blackberry.

Note: none of these activities or healthy activities will relieve the thyroid symptoms in the least. But they distract me a little, and I can pretend to be "cured" until I go back to the Doctor in a week or so. Pretend with me, please?


  1. Categories? I have categories on my resolution list as well. It absolutely drives me nuts, that my Post categories make no sense.

    i know that we are ignoring your thyroid symptoms, but is it possible for you to take your blood tests now? that way when you see your dr. you can avoid the usual "let's see what your blood test results say."

  2. Did I wish you happy new year yet?

    I am so going to be more healthy this year. There is a group of people doing yoga everyday for 40 days and I am going to do that too.

    So here's to us being totally organized AND healthy in 2007.

  3. I spend a remarkable amount of time pretending "I am cured". Works for me. Also, I had no idea I commented on your resolutions post with such impact. I am pretty sure that there was no impact intended, well, other than you getting to see one more comment on your blog. Please don't ever take anything I write to heart, I am simply not that bright and really should never be paid any attention to. Well, that's what my mom would say about me anyway.

  4. I have not been on line and I am just getting caught up on everybody. So a little late Happy New Year. And don't worry about catagories. Hell I don't even know how to put people on my blog at all.