Thursday, March 01, 2007

Can't keep up

With all your blogs right now, since I have A. overextended myself by subscribing to eeek, over a hundred, and B. been sick or injured and tired this past week.

So I'm going to cull a few that well, let's be honest, I used to read but now barely read since they don't read me. And really they are just busy too I guess. *Sniff sniff*

So, I am going to update my blogroll on my sidebar someday this week or next, and start working on focusing on people I like. Plus figure out why Bloglines keeps unsubscribing blogs I do like! (Sorry Little Sister) And focus on my kidlets and house, which is slowly coming together, haphazardly yes, but still working better.

Have to go pretend new Dr. will have something decent to say, and then get my bone scan, and pretend my leg bones don't have hairline fractures somewhere. (Apparently x-rays don't always pick them up, you need special scans or CTs, which is why that doctor really was a butthead.)

Must shower now, clean and pretty=credible patient.

Now if only sick=treatment.



  1. I also have over 100 blogs I try to keep up on. In some ways it's good b/c it keeps me from being stalker-like on just a dozen or so.

    I hope I make your new short list.

  2. Over 100? Good golly Miss Molly, girl, that's an insane amount of reading. I am in awe.

    Update us on the knee thing when you can. I'll bet you're right about the hairline fractures - we know our bodies so much better than they do.

  3. DD, of course you will silly! You visit me, so I'll return the favour, I'm talking about the ones who never even bother to comment or read me or anything.

    It begins to feel a bit like stalking because it's unrequited, y'know? Like why would I waste my time on people who don't give a shit about me?

  4. I admire your honesty in the blogcull. Blogs are like friends...they come into our lives for a reason and then sometimes, drift out again.

    I hope the new doctor is a good one and can help you out. Hang in there!

  5. Just discovered your Blog! I really appreciate a lot the topics you draw attention to.

    You would probably find some common ground on my newly created blog as well. I am writing from the perspective of a mom with three living children, and two angels. All of my children were conceived through some form of fertility therapy.

    I'll keep checking in!

  6. I'm swamped by blogs as well, I know that 'one day soon' I'll have to update my blogroll but.... I'm essentially a lazy cow.

    Hope Dr Butthead lifts his game today. x

  7. Hey - good luck with the doctoring stuff. Either a bone scan or an MRI should pick up a hairline fracture.

  8. Yes, I know what you mean about it being very difficult and time consuming keeping up with a zillion blogs simultaneously. I've been quiet on my blog and quiet commenting on yours and others because I'm a bit depressed at the moment, but I hope you don't give me the cut. I check/read your blog daily and love your wit and attitude. (oh and wishing you lots of luck with your sore bones).

  9. Completely understand about the blogroll clean up, I had to do the same. Still my blog list doesn't contain all that I read.

    Hope you still hop in for a visit every now and again, always appreciate an honest response.

    Best of luck with getting proper medical care and a solution!

  10. EEeeek! Thanks for reminding me. I'm in dire need of cleaning up my blogroll and adding all the ones I've discovered since the last time I cleaned it up.

    Me am a bad blogroll keeper.

    Thanks for the inspiration. :)