Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Glowing--but not from what I'd like

Hey, just me here....glowing superhero chickie! No, not glowing with the joy of pregnancy---hahahahahahahahaha -puh-leeze like that would happen in me?

Nope, just glowing from an isotope. I think it makes my eyes glisten & sparkle just so!

Of course, that could also be rage for my friend Reality, who is going through a miscarriage, which could be ectopic, and has been treated horrendously by a medical establishment who couldn't get their heads out of their asses if they tried.

I get outraged by this stuff because I have been through a lot and I have worked my ass off trying to make sure that women get treated well when they are losing a very much wanted pregnancy. But do the damn Doctors listen, oh nooooo, can't do that.


Sigh----breathe deeply, release outrage....

First part of my test went well today. My 2 hour uptake was 11%, but after they adjust the calculations, it may change. Next part of the uptake & scan, Wednesday afternoon! Weeee, 2 hours in an ugly lead-lined room....more fun! (I'm not asking for luxury, but could they choose a different paint color besides vomit green? Just sayin....) In all seriousness, if you want to know more about thyroid stuff (in all it's variations) my current favourite site is Thyroid Manager. It has some good scientific stuff, but is in a slightly easier to read format than PubMed.

Very tired....going to bed now. I have some stories to tell, but can't do it right now. Tomorrow, a much better post, I promise.


  1. Just bookmarked the Thyroid Manager site. Will definitely come in handy.

    Oh, and enjoy the vomit-green room tomorrow.

  2. Well I'm glad the first part of the test went well. Hope it goes well today too. Goodness. I'm so sorry for your friend, Reality, too. It's pathetic that I should be so surprised at how well my doctor treats me (the nurses, actually, though, not so much).

    Take care.

  3. Sara, this is the saddest part sometimes of pregnancy loss. Above the twenty week mark there is some recognition of grief, some kindness shown. Below, 20 weeks gestation, I have only rarely met a woman who was treated well. Usually we get treated like dirt. I just don't get it...

  4. I don't get it either. After my miscarriage I pointed out to my GP that doctors are pretty callous about early pregnancy loss. He agreed. Anyhow, Reality's story made me angry too.

    I think that some of those decorating shows on TV should be let loose in the hospitals. I'm tired of vomit green, pepto-bismol pink, and baby blue.

  5. Hello! I'm just getting caught on on your blog. And I must agree that most doctors are buttheads. My husband has had some pretty bad health problems, on of them being an allergic reaction on his skin that made him itchy and he couldn't sleep - so what does the idiot doctor do?! Gives him effing sleeping pills! ARRRGGGG! Doesn't really fix the problem, does it?! I wish you luck with your thyriod tests, my husbands getting some of those soon, and he's NOT looking forward to them.
    Please feel free to visit my blog:

  6. I am angry about My Reality's experience as well. Thanks for the thyroid manager link as well, I will be sending it on to a friend who has a mysterious thyroid issue.

    So, what super powers have you gained from being radioactive?

  7. Glad that part of you test went well. Hope you got some good rest.

  8. Good luck tomorrow in the green lead lined room - seriously, that sounds awful, makes my skin crawl.

  9. So glad the first part is over! Perhaps you could offer them so redecorating tips. I'm sure they would deeply appreciate it ;-)

    Hope all goes well today!