Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Gotta pay tribute

To the man who taught me to touch my cervix, John Billings, the discoverer of EWCM*.

Rest in peace, Obi-Wan of the Vagina.

*Egg White Cervical Mucus, what else?


  1. Oh Aurelia, I know its bad, but why did you make me piss myself laughing with your post???

    RIP John Billings, I'm not laughing at you. Sorry!

  2. Thanks for my morning chuckle!

    Until I read his obit the other day, I hadn't connected him with TCOYF - but clearly they are birds of a feather. Is he credited in that book? I don't have it anymore so I can't check.

  3. This is interesting, if not hallarious! Thanks for sharing.