Wednesday, April 11, 2007


First, I am having trouble with Bloglines again, it seems to be unsubscribing some of your blogs, and deleting you guys, and others just never show up with feeds of some of your posts at ALL. So if I've missed something important in your lives, I apologize....I have to go through each one of my bookmarks and check on you to see if you are still there.

I had the second half of my test today. My 23 hour uptake (supposed to be 24 hour, someone messed up the time keeping?) was 33.9% which is abnormal and indicative of hyperthyroid as long as my TSH is low. My last one was low but normal. And the scan was interesting, because before it looked like a deformed butterfly, totally weird. It has changed shape, and I have some mottled spots, not the even thing I was looking for. Picture #6 here in the images section is sort of like mine looked.

Anyway, now I have to email my GP and ask her where we go from here. She gave me this RAIU as a deal, like when it's normal, I promised to shut up and stop bothering her. But it's not normal...gahhhhh. I love how Drs. keep telling me it's nothing, like that episode of House last night where everyone had conversion syndrome and kept having weird symptoms show up after they saw the first guy on the plane become sick. Except that, just like the spinal tap results on that show, blood tests and MRIs & radioactive scans like this can't be faked. Even by someone with conversion syndrome, yet they just keep patting me on the head and telling me to relax.

Hey, do you think maybe I'm NOT the one who's in denial? Maybe it's been them all along?

Nahhh, couldn't be, I'm just a desperate housewife.

I have to go send a resume somewhere now. Cross your fingers, I'd love to get a paid job, maybe then I'd have credibility with the medical establishment.


  1. I feel your pain. A year ago, if my doctors could have put me away for being a hypochondriac, they would have. Now I know more about sinuses, septa, hearts and sleep disorders than I want to know. What's really arrogant is that they don't even acknowledge that I was right.

    Keep pushing, you are the only one who ultimately knows your body. It's a lonely battle.

  2. The sun is setting and I can see the glow coming from downtown. You look radiant tonight!

    Well, you were right. I hope you doctor will admit it.

  3. I found an oddity with bloglines just today as well.

    I'm going to have to look a little more seriously at google reader.

    Good luck with the job search. I know you would be an asset to any place medical.

  4. First off, I too have trouble with bloglines keeping up with everyone's feed or even getting it. I am becoming quite annoyed.

    Second, the medical profession never ceases to amaze me with their poor performance. It must feel so frustrating and discouraging at times. I feel so enraged when I read this stuff.

  5. Sorry you're having problems with your doctors. Surely we know when things are not right.

    Good luck with the job application!

  6. Ditto on Bloglines. Blogs are disappearing off my feed list and/or new posts are not popping up. I'm getting more than a little irritated.

    If I were you, I'd have a hard time not putting "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" in the subject line to the GP.

  7. *voice dripping with sarcasm*

    You're obviously making all these symptoms up. Doctors can't be wrong, they went to medical school! It's all in your head.

    *sarcasm over now*

    I'm interested in hearing what your GP has to say... but y'know, I'm not holding my breath for a full-scale apology or even a quick "you were right". 'Cause if that happened it would mean that hell froze over, which would by association mean that we'd all be pregnant, which clearly is not happening.

    Well, at least WE all have confirmation tht you're not crazy.

  8. I've heard that Google Reader is good. What little I've used of it, I liked much better than Bloglines.

    Keep up the good work with the docs. If we don't take care of ourselves then who will? (apparently not the doctors)

  9. Well, it sounds as if your instincts and research were right and the doctor was completely wrong. But that's not exactly comforting. Where do you go from here? I wonder what the doctor will say now.

    And good luck on the job search. Looking for a job is infinitely harder and more stressful and time-consuming than actually working in one. There have been times when I was unhappy in a job, but, thinking about all the work I'd have to do to get a new one, decided I wasn't that unhappy.

  10. Damn - I hope your doctor gets it now that that you've got results. And good luck with the job's such an arduous song and dance.

  11. Nothing pisses me off more than that kind of condenscending attitude from doctors. And what is there to do about it? GRRRRR