Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lots of good stuff!

Seriously, this is hysterical. Scroll down to the Gloria Steinem part...


And this article by Harvey Fierstein is probably the single best piece of writing on human rights and US politics and cultural truth I've ever read.

His last paragraph is etched in my brain. I've printed out a copy, I may turn it into wallpaper.


Finally, Mr.Cotta, my hero, got up at 4:00 am and was in line at Toys r Us by 5:00 am. to buy a Wii. He was seventh in line, in the cold, in the dark. People were mostly very nice, except for the two thugs who showed up late and tried to threaten their way to the front of the line. Mr.Cotta and the other Dads stood their ground and started to call the cops and the thugs took off.

And now we own a Wii!!!!!

After months and months of trying, we finally got a console, and it really is the coolest game unit ever invented. The whole family has been jumping around, playing, making little avatars of ourselves, absolutely awesome. It's so incredibly easy I can't believe it. There is no way I'd ever be able to play a Playstation or an Xbox, too complicated & too violent. This is intuitive. I've already tried the Wii exercise workout program, and I've asked for the Tiger Woods PGA Golf for Wii!

I am finally going to learn how to play golf without having too embarass myself in public or pay green fees. Kickass weekend, my dears....


  1. I'm very glad you got a Wii without any bodily harm to Mr. Cotta. I love consumer culture, seriously. It freaks me out a little, but I suppose I have it to thank for many happy memories.

  2. I loved the article by Harvey Fierstein. I think he hit the nail on the head perfectly.

    Congrats on the wii.

  3. So glad that Mr. Cotta managed to step up when necessary. Excellent. Now, don't hurt yourself with that new fangled toy.

  4. I want a Wii! :) They look so cool! Have fun with your toy!! lol

  5. That Wii sounds awesome! Good for Mr. Cotta for stepping up and standing outside in the cold!

    As for Mr. Fierstein, he's my hero. I'd marry him if he'd have me. He wouldn't, so I'll just have to worship his mind and humor from afar...

  6. Awesome - sounds like so much fun!

  7. I also enjoyed Harvey Fierstein's article.  Catherine Crier did a great job at calling out right-wing bigots too.  I wish that Meredith Vieira went further on her interview with Al Sharpton.  I guess it's a start.

  8. Congrats on your Wii -- but I read a bad review on it, so I convinced Z to go w/XBox 360...
    A couple of wks ago, I got to show him the only video game that Mom was ever any good at -- GALAGA! Woo-hoo, high score!

  9. This post is now old, but I had to tell you a conversation we had in my kitchen today:
    Me: Maybe if I have to go on bedrest we should get a Wii.
    J: I don't want a Wii. You have a computer.
    Me: But it looks like fun.
    J: Didn't you recently make fun of your b-i-l for wanting one?
    Me: Yeah, but "Aurelia" got one and she said it was fun.
    J: "Aurelia" from your blogging?
    Me: Yeah.
    J: :0