Friday, April 20, 2007

Research, thinking, and memeing

I love surfing for news and studies and stuff....much easier than thinking up my own shit...course, then I read it and think up more stuff....damn.

Maybe that's why Jess and Reality have given me a Thinking Blogger Award!


*Takes Bow*

*Scuffs floor with shoe*

I'm lousy at speeches so here is some stuff to read. Helpful? Thinky?

Some of you have pointed out this Chatelaine article. Which has pointed to this government study and recommendations on IVF funding. (I've been lobbying for this review for ages, shhhh.) I'm a little ehhh about it, because I believe that all fertility treatment should be paid for, not just adding the male factor patients, but all of us, full stop, but also because I think too many people suffer bad diagnosis. They may need IVF, they may IUI, or miscarriage treatment. We should fund everybody, IMHO.

My favourite quote from my Doctor, "Idiopathic is when the Doctor is an idiot who doesn't want to find the pathology."

Anyway, now making many phone calls and emails to my friends in Govt. hehe

Also Macleans has a good article on an adoptee who has written a book about her reunion, which had good and bad aspects. (Warning: the title & header of this article is not so good...worst choice of words ever, but it has nothing to do with the book review, so skip the title, and note the book.)

And yesterday's Globe & Mail had a good article on egg freezing and the fabulous Dr. Seang Lin-Tan of McGill IVF. Not only does he freeze eggs but he invented IVM - in vitro maturation, a technique for getting usable eggs from women who have PCOS and poor responders to stims. IVM has been around for years and I have to say I'm astonished that more clinics don't use it, considering the incredible success rates women have with it--women who get rejected from other clinics.

Awesome quote from Dr. Kutluk Oktay of Cornell - "McGill has obviously been a leader in the field," he said. Yes, it's true...Cornell isn't your only choice, ladies and gents. Canada Rocks, baby!

Of course, this may not help the rest of us, because the asshats at Health Canada are already stepping in to regulate can whack off in a cup, and freeze their sperm for absolutely no reason at all, no government restrictions....but women? Nahhhh, they have to be CONTROLLED. *Sigh*

This Dr. also does egg freezing, a slightly different method, but still amazing, and something I wish I could've done years ago, so that now, I might have a damn egg left somewhere on the planet. Grrrrr.....

I have to think up who I am giving Thinking Blogger awards to now, but damned if I have too many choices. Plus some of you already have it. Well, I have to think up who to give it to again.

Here are the rules:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog).

Making me think:

1. Nicole at Just Crazy Enough to Try - Her adventures with Bipolar, her science background, her law degree, and her attempts to make a baby are truly amazing.

2. Jenny at A Natural Scientist - I love her reviews of science topics for the rest of us...the non-degree holders who love the subject but need a tutor!

3. Manuela at Thin Pink Line - yes, she's behind a password, but seriously awesome posts about adoption and infertility and feminism and life. (Email her at maybe she'll let you in, K?)

4. The contributors (Kate, Delphi, msfitza, and Julian's Mom) to the Miscarriage, Stillbith, and Infant Loss Directory - a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to learn about this subject, or get support.)

5 . Niobe at Dead Baby Jokes, who writes the most amazing heartwrenching posts while grieving the loss of her twins. I've learned more about grief from her than I have in real life in years.

Whew...long post, but know, all of you, I love you guys, and you ALL make me think.



  1. Yay Aurelia! Your Thinking Blogger award is well-deserved!

    And I love your doc's definition of 'idiopathic'.

  2. Interesting blog, I think I'll have to make this a regular stop.

  3. Dear Aurelia,

    This is so cool. I don't know how you find the amount of information that you do, but I sure am glad that I can read this and be pointed in the right direction! I am very interested in the ivm at McGill and also have been reading about natural ivf. Have you found anything interesting about that? I'm very glad I found your blog and congrats on your award!

  4. We love you too Aurelia even if we don't always get to your blog as often as we do. Your awards are well deserved as you are bright, witty and tactful :)

  5. Thank you thank you thank you!!! I meant to reply to your e-mail and forgot, but I'd like to thank you publicly anyway. So thank you again! Even though I can't take any credit for the blog because I'm only doing what I was asked by its wonderful founders, I can at least thank you for giving it the recognition it deserves (thanks to Kate and Delphi and Julian's Mom).

    And congratulations to you too!