Friday, April 13, 2007

The very busy life

In my last post, I mentioned something about applying for a job. Without revealing too much, this job is all about research and distributing the information, and it might be in connection to an upcoming election way up here in the frozen north.

It pays okay, but will involve long hours over the next short while...IF I get it. And they'll want me to start right away, (possibly this weekend) which has me vaguely freaking out. I have some followup medical and therapy appointments and other commitments here and there, and I'm hoping they'll understand, but if not...crap, this could be difficult.

Plus it would be damned hard to keep up with all of you and your lives, and I want to. I really enjoy blogging and communicating with all my friends around the world, but for that 37 day election period, I just might not be able to. Plus, my house is not so together right now. Paperwork, toys everywhere, renovation projects half finished. My little guys birthday is next week. He'll be seven, and I have done nothing about his birthday party or gifts. I had one party plan booked, but it didn't work once I got the bill and figured out the potential credit card damage. And there's NO way I'm having 15 little kids all over at my tiny house while the weather is so cold and rainy. May or June sure, I could stick them in the backyard, but April? Not a chance!

As for the job, this is one time when I agree with Mr. Cotta. He always wonders why I can't just get a "normal" job. Now, I don't really believe there are very many normal jobs left in the world...35 hours a week, benefits, decent pay, interesting work, nice boss & co-workers. Most employers have simply eliminated the first criteria, and the the rest, are rare. So now I'm wondering how I'm going to find a last minute sitter for the kids for evenings and weekends, and hoping that if I go through this exercise, I'll be offered a "normal" job, somewhere through connections I'll make this time.

As for baby-making plans? They'd be on hold again, crap, no time to go to a clinic, never mind having sex....and the bitter irony is that I just got the paperwork for our new benefit plan, and it covers fertility drugs, 100%, no limits, I think....but I'm sure waaayyy to late for me to get any use of it. Someday someone will have to explain to me why no one has invented cheaper generic fertility drugs. The patent protection expired long ago, I'm sure, on a lot of them. It's bad enough people get ripped off on HCG pens etc, when the generic HCG is half the cost, but explain to me why all the rest aren't generic by now? These generic drug companies must know that they'd make a mint just from the untapped market currently in existence.

So much for free market competition, eh? Bastards....

Off to sort papers and organize the toyroom...I'll let you know if I find Jimmy Hoffa in the Lego box.


  1. funny things about fertility drugs, it's part of the pharmacutical field and that seems like the old field that cost never get cheaper.


    good lobbyist?
    for sure.

  2. Normal jobs are at the highest risk for making one insane. I'm a prime example, thank you.

    If you find Hoffa, then that will rule out what I'm smelling in the laundrey room.

  3. Good luck with the job - you'll settle into the chaos.

    About the drugs - they are so damned expensive, but I was so lucky in that for my third IVF, I got donations from friends who had too much - they'd had insurance coverage and so were buying the whole script, and I'd had no drug coverage and was buying vial by vial. I got really lucky; all I had to buy was the microdose lupron and the HCG trigger.

  4. I thought Jimmy was in the end zone at Giants' Stadium. He's in your Lego box? Damn, that's cool.

    "Normal" jobs are overrated. Find something with flexibility - the 9-to-5 day is dead and employers would sooner strip your brain for anything that will make them a buck and then toss you on the side of the road for the buzzards to pick over. Seriously.

  5. Hi Aurelia!

    I wanted to come by and thank you for commenting on my blog. You are right, it is a wonderful saying. I added you to my links and will come to read your blog soon!
    Have a beautiful day.

  6. I'm not a fan of "normal" jobs either. Pray tell, which party would you be working for? My BIL is politically active... scary to think this world could be getting smaller.

    Jimmy Hoffa isn't in your toy box. I found him yesterday under a pile of clothes that are 3 sizes too small for me.

  7. December Baby

    Note the label at the side, I'm a little ol' Liberal, but it wouldn't be for them exactly, someone else, sorry I can't be more specific here!

    And don't worry I'm good at keeping quiet about this stuff when I meet someone IRL.

  8. Wow. A lot to think about. That IS a bitter irony about your new benefits plan.

    My Little T is turning 9 this month and I have yet to make a single plan for his birthday either. Aaaack!

    Good luck with it all!!

  9. I have a 'normal' job. It has kind of shitty pay, stupid supervisors who clearly have no idea about human rights and I hate it. It is a means to pay for IVF and in no way a career. If you want it, I would gladly give it to you.

    The hours are 8:30 - 4:30 and those get in the way of blogging. I need to retire. Or win the lottery.

    Good luck with the position. If you do get it, you will have to at least check in once in a while.

    When you are done cleaning your house, you can come and clean mine.

  10. I am trying again, since I think my last one got eaten by the monster in the machine. The bits, yum...

    So I am pretty sure Jimmy is not in your Lego box since I think he is in my office at home, under all my junk.

    I hope you get the job. I find campaigns to be addicting, although I only ever worked them as a volunteer. But I did meet a bunch of people who started just like that and before they knew it, were full time campaign workers. Oh, but it's fun.

    Good luck!

  11. Lots of irons in the fire Aurelia! Just don't burn yourself out. Good luck on your job decision and we all hope you can still find some time to blog amidst all your other duties/roles...including housekeeping.

  12. Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but most fertility drugs are already off-patent, see

    The answer is that they are very expensive to manufacture, and so it's unlikely they will ever get to the stage of being cheap.

  13. I admire your passion for politics and making a difference. As for the new benefits the irony reminds me that one day I'm going to be really, really bummed when they figure out this whole IF riddle and I'll be just too damned old to benefit. Just premature sour grapes I guess.