Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good news

Krista has come through from her brain surgery quite well and is at home recuperating with her new baby! She has an update on her blog, here, in case any of your want to go say hi to her.

And for any of my new politically minded readers, you might want to note that our often criticized public health care system has come through really well this time. She was quickly diagnosed, treated, and will be followed up no problem, no waiting lists, for free.

It is true, good things DO happen in life. We just have to notice when the glass is half-full right?

Smooches, dahlings! I'm off running errands today....


  1. Aurelia - You make a good point about our oft maligned health care system. I have a somewhat unique perspective on our system, as both a healthcare provider, and a recipient (I underwent a bone marrow transplant not too long ago). Our system is not perfect to be sure (whose is?). But in general it works well for most Canadians most of the time.

    When I was undergoing my transplant, one of my physicians commented that in India (where he trained), the mortality associated with my condition was over 90%, simply because most people could not afford the treatment. I was hospitalized for three months, received top-notch care, and wasn't charged a nickel. In fact, I'm alive today solely as a result of our health care system. Unfortunately, you don't often hear such stories in the media.


  2. Good news like this is always good to read. Thanks for sharing Aurelia.