Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am mightily ashamed

I'm running out the door again, losing my mind ever so slightly, because once again, I am behind reading blogs and commenting, notwithstanding my participation in Mels' Commentathon.

Behind, as in I haven't read some of you in a week, and have over 400 posts on my bloglines to catch up on. Now some are news feeds, like Reuter's Health, and some are political blogs, but most are my friends...and I'm just not able to be there right now, fuck.

Why? Because yesterday our new bed was delivered, a tempur pedic....a drastic improvement over the hideously hard Guantanamo-prisoners-have-softer-mattresses version we've had for 12 years. But this means I had to pull everything out under the bed and around the bed and in the closets etc. etc.

Plus some close friends of the family are getting a divorce, and it look like its going to be a nasty fight because the spouse who earns more, in this case a woman, is trying to get rid of her husband who has done all the caregiving for their daughter, and minimized his career. (He has one, it's just part-time & lower pay compared to her 80-90 hour a week job.) She thinks he should just leave, no custody rights, no money, no property settlement or support, like he's some sort of expendable nothing. He's devastated, the preteen daughter is devastated, and I think the woman is in for a nasty surprise when she consults a lawyer....

Anyway, we're trying to get them both to see that the only one who wins this way will be their lawyers, and maybe reasonableness is a better approach but so far ehhhhh no one is listening. So we keep talking to them...and having them over.

Thanks to a chat with DecemberBaby I have a whole new perspective on my friend and I'm trying to be more realistic about her. It turns out that there is a very good reason for her issues and the things she says, so maybe I'm going to limit my time with her and maybe I can't quite expect certain things from her. Not saying it's an issue of her fault or mine, but it's sort of like making sure I don't lite the fuse? Cause if I know she'll be set off, why wave a match? Better to just be careful with her when we do talk.

Still waiting for the DHEA to arrive in the mail. They have to order it, and I hate mail order. I'm very focused on the immediate that way.

Anyway, I WILL catch up on all your news, but if anything unusual happens out there in blogworld, someone email me in the meantime....gahhhhh. Sorry life should not interfere with blogging this way!


  1. Oh, the new bed sounds nice. I've only slept on one of those once, but it was fantastic.

  2. Let us know how it works out with that bed. We have been contemplating tempurpedic for a while now (we've had the pillows for years) but are sticking it out with our crummy mattress a bit longer.
    I'm sorry to hear about your friends. It sounds very similar to something my mom's youngest brother went through with his was so ugly and nasty for a long time.

  3. oy on the divorsing friends.
    Close friends of ours divorced rather amicably pre-kids a long time ago, and it still stunk... So my heart goes out to you and the daughter (aka caught in the shitstorm).

    Hope the bed is comfortable and you get some relief from life-crazy at least while you sleep.

  4. I can understand the feeling of wanting a husband to just disappear. Ultimately the fantasy needs to be woken up with the reality that the man is her children's father, and that if she really loves her children she needs to think what's best for them. Maybe she needs to be told that she can take her husband through the cleaners, but she can't do that without taking her children, too. Just a thought.

  5. ooh, a tempur-pedic. I napped for two hours on one of those babies at the sharper image in Vegas. Niiiice. Can I sleep with you? ;-)

    Glad our conversation was helpful to you.

  6. I know how you feel! Everyone updates their blogs quicker than I get to read them!!

  7. Ooh, a tempurpedic. I am totally crashing your house if you ever leave for a night. I've never tried one. Each bed I get is progressively softer than the last, but after my most recent hotel stay, my bed = rock hard.

    On the not reading, I've been going in alphabetical order, trying to catch up from about a week ago. I still haven't made it to S yet, so I feel you there.

    On the divorce, no two ways about it, that just sucks.

  8. You will have to let us know how the new bed is for all kinds of things - sleeping, sex, lounging, wearing out batteries, etc.!!

    How many blogs do you subscribe to? 400 feeds is a lot!

  9. My traveling to the other side of the state is interrupting my blog time too, so I understand the frustration!!

    Sorry to hear about your friend's divorce. That STINKS!!

  10. bed??? I am jealous!

    I am sorry to hear about your friend's divorce. It is so hard when YOU know who needs to be the focus of the divorce, but one or both of those involved in it cannot see the forest for the trees. I hope she wises up and backs sounds like he is a great caregiver and isn't being given his credit.

    Just take care of yourself while they go through this - it is hard to watch friends go through this, and you don't want it to affect you at all.

  11. Good luck getting caught up... I missed a few days and I'm still not there yet. Mind you, a good night's sleep does help.

    The divorce situation sounds messy. I hope all parties calm down soon.


  12. At least you're keeping busy Aurelia, isn't it just the best way :)