Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm in a bit of a funk right now. You'd never know it, because I've been enjoying real life thoroughly for the last week, between buying stuff and meeting friends and having my professional organizer lady come over.

We've tossed bags and bags of junk out, and completely altered my basement. (Did you know it had a FLOOR?) And except for some small hiccups with getting files transferred, the new computer is pretty cool too.

As for the funk, all night tonight I've been ironing on labels to Kaz's clothes, so he can leave for camp this weekend, SOB. And what next? Little bugger has the nerve to hit puberty today! Stinky underarm parts and all. Literally from sweet little boy to man who needs a shower every morning and wears Axe deodorant spray like he's so grown up and cool.

This is not possible....

I cannot be old enough to mother a child in puberty for god's sake!

(Yes, I know there are other parts to puberty eventually, but this is the first sign...siiiiggghhh.)

It also had to happen today, of all days, when my boxes of maternity clothes and baby toys and newborn clothes all went to storage. I had them in the basement, and had refused to let them go anywhere, just in case. But we needed the space...and well, it is a tough thing to get rid of it all. So I decided to go halfway.

And now I'm being pushed ALL the way, fuck....

Plus, I'm losing it because with all this mucking out of our stuff, I've noticed that our boys old crib has gone missing. I'm thinking Mr.Cotta may have tossed it without my permission. Which means I'll have to go purchase another one, just to spite the asshole. Why do other people have to push us so hard?

Why can't they let us search and yearn at our own pace?

I get that puberty can't be predicted or staved off, but why can't we just do the rest in our own sweet time? Keep, throw, organize, donate...treasure, hug, snuggy for a few more years until we're not so raw and sad over it all?

What's the big rush?


  1. Do you know how many times a day I tell LaLa to stop being in such a hurry to grow up!

    I don't remember being like this when I was a kid, I liked being a kid, I wasn't in a hurry to grow up so fast!

    Oh gawd, the day she becomes a handful of a teenager, ooer!


  2. Geez, that's tough, and all at once.
    Would some wine help? Expensive kind, preferably? :)

  3. Wine, definitely wine.

    He really hit puberty overnight? Or got smelly overnight? That's kind of fascinating. I thought you worked up to it.

    Sorry that you're cranky. Did I mention wine?

  4. I'm in a Merlot phase just now...St. Francis from Sonoma County, 2002.

    Getting rid of some stuff I can do timely...other more precious priceless things I cannot. Like do I have to save every scrap of paper she ever drew on. Yes.

  5. You are aware that Kaz will probably wear the same two shirts the whole time and the rest of the clothes will stay in the suitcase, right? Oh, and at the end of the week he will just throw his wet swimsuit and towel in there and so everything will be damp and mildewing by the time you open it up. Just warning you! :)

    And don't worry- Big J has been a stinky boy for quite awhile now but no other signs of puberty have begun yet. Hopefully Kaz will just stink for the next year or two.

  6. I am a pack-rat and would die if my husband threw away something that held such sentimental value to me.