Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Slightly banged up

Have I told you all about the wine bottle incident? Last weekend, I went to open the fridge and look for some cookies or snacks or something, and-----


An unopened bottle of wine fell on my foot, just above my toes, then shattered on the tile floor, wine and glass shards everywhere.

My foot hurt right away, but not too badly, so I could wipe it all up. It was only after the swelling began and the blackened multicolored bruises popped up that it really hurt, in that glowing, throbbing kind of way.

Worst part is, I hadn't had a drop, and never even got to try the wine, but I can't tell the story to anyone, because as soon as I say, I got these bruises from broken wine bottle, Well, you just KNOW I'll be labelled a lush.

So I'm limping, and can't wear sandals, but at least nothing broken, eh?

Plus, yesterday, certain tender parts of my body started to hurt. Like with a sharp stabbing pain, and I realized that I either had a UTI or yeast in a very awkward and unusual place. And guess what? Yeast...the cursed affliction of the infertile and menopausal set. Grrrrrr....

I've called for a repeat of my prescriptions, and I'm sitting on an icepack.

Ice is good...lovely in fact. I now understand how people can be driven to dementia by this kind of pain. I'm a grown adult capable of figuring this out and getting myself medical help, but if I was a little kid, or an elderly patient already sick? Oh lord, I feel bad for them.

I'm grateful right now that I can take care of myself, and grateful I'm seeing my RE again soon, because whatever we decide about TTC again, I think I need some HRT adjustment so this doesn't keep happening. (I mean the uti, the wine bottle smash is my own fault!)



  1. Oh dear, that sucks about the wine! And the infection. These things really are not that much fun, are they? I hope you feel better, very soon!

  2. I think the moral of this story is drink the damn wine before it has a chance to fall on your foot. It wouldn't have hurt nearly as bad if the bottle had been empty.

  3. oh poor you. I hope your foot will get better fast. For the infection, I had one of those pretty much non stop for 6 months when I did my 3 IVF cycles. Drinking liquid yogurt (kefir) helped quite a bit.

  4. What a waste of good wine.... x

  5. I don't know what's worse, the hurt foot or the lost wine. Both are reasons to cry.

    Hope everything's better soon.

  6. Ouchy!!! Hope your foot heals soon!

    ...And, may I suggest a froze loaf of bread to bring swelling down? Cold enough to bring the swelling down, but not painfully cold. How do I know that? Personal experience from falling in the bar on my 22nd birthday... Lush enough for ya??!?! HeeeHeee!