Sunday, August 26, 2007

Away for a week

I have been going completely insane all week, and I'm at a rented cottage now until Labour Day. It only has dial up! Gahhhhhhh.

So my plan is this. I am going to try to read blogs on bloglines here and there when dial up will let me, clicking through seems to crash me pretty darn fast, so no commenting unless I can find an internet cafe in the middle of Algonquin Park. I'll try to write posts offline then upload them if I can get access.

Yes, I know this concept is an abomination to people who love cottages and the outdoors, but this isn't a vacation for me, so I need something enjoyable, okay?

It IS a vacation for my kids and husband, which is why we are here, but if a trip involves the words, cooking, cleaning, mopping, laundry or making's a trip, a thing I have to do, but not exactly revel in. And yes, so far, this trip has involved those chores. (Yes, Mr.Cotta is helping out....) I've also sat in the hot tub and on the dock----for 15 minutes each time. Then it was time to work again. A vacation involves the words "all-inclusive" or "maid service" or drinks with umbrellas served by waiters. In my opinion anyway.

It is a beautiful cottage, all the mod cons, TV, dishwasher, stove, nice antiques, etc. I just wish it came with a housekeeper and a lifeguard, sigh.....

Take care, I am around, just not as assvicey as usual. Aren't you lucky! Snort ;)

Now, repeat after me--A cottage or a camping trip is NOT a vacation for a mother, EVER. If you have no living children yet, remember this, and go thank your own mother if she ever took you on a trip like this. If you have children, remember this, and think----RESORT!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am totally with you on this one. I mean - I have no family, but when we were kids, the only trip we ever took was too our property in the upper peninsula of Michigan with the rest of my dad's extended family - and my mom always said it was NOT a vacation for her. I totally see why. I don't care if I ever take another trip like this again. The last time we took a family trip, I was 18 - we were stuck in a one room cottage (the 4 of us), my parents hated each other, I didn't like either of them, my mom didn't like me and my brother was the lucky one cause he got to sleep on the porch - it makes me cringe to think about it. Boy does this bring back the memories... The outdoors is nice, and I enjoy it from time to time, as long as I have a hotel to stay in, a spa, maid service, room service - my brother says I am a hotel snob. Anyway - enjoy yourself!!

  2. I agree with you completely.

    Anywhere where you have to cook and clean and do all of the usual household chores is NOT a vacation!

    At least there IS internet access.

  3. Happy holidays! Or... happy trip? Maybe next time you can have your turn at choosing the holiday?


  4. Aside from everything else: you only have dial up? The horror! The horror!

  5. Not only are you having to work, you are having to do so in less than optimal conditions! Personally I do still love camping though.

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  6. I never thought about how much stuff has to be done at the cottage, until I read this. I hope you still have a good time and have some down time. And I will certainly remember your advice about resorts!

  7. Yup. One reason why I will only camp for a weekend. Too much work can't go on for a whole week of vacation. Room service is a beautiful thing. Hope you're having a great vacation, though.

  8. We are in the "no living children yet" category - but I really like self-catering holidays. However ours (as a couple) always include: cleaning by the apartment owner, not us, as much eating out (including breakfast, if necessary) as we like, and duvets. Friends with small children say they appreciate having a washing machine, too.

    We have a holiday apartment ourselves that we use when it is not rented out - that one we do clean. But I think we might hire the cleaner for us, too, if we take kids there.

  9. Humm....sounds like what I will be doing starting Saturday - although, it will be at the shore.

    Luckily for me, my IL's are going as well and my MIL has the need to play mother hen to all - so, my chores are rather minimal...

    ...But, oh the dial-up!!! T1 line at work makes a girlie very spoiled. ;)

  10. Yes, I am all for those resorts with all the amenities!! Luckily, so is the rest of my family!

  11. Aurelia without assvice??? It can't be!!! Must be the lunar eclipse or something... the world is all off-KILTER!



  12. You are too funny. Well, I hope you get some relaxing in :-)

  13. I recently rented a cabin for a week, and all the other cabins had hi-speed wireless. But nooooo not my cabin! Go figure.
    It was still nice, I just read a lot of books.

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