Friday, August 03, 2007

Well, maybe I spoke to soon

The kids are buried in TV, and my husband is back to work, so maybe I will have time for blogging? A little anyway, here and there.

Blogging in between scrubbing out every single drawer and cupboard and setting mousetraps; yes, apparently there WAS a small advantage to having cats. Some little creatures have apparently moved in, and need to be evicted now, buggers. Next jobs include getting in various repair people to help fix the nightmare that is my electrical, plaster work and plumbing. The woman who was supposed to come, hasn't, and in fact left for her vacation with just an email telling me that maybe she could stop by and fix a few things before. Plus she had lost my phone number. Annoying to say the least.

Anyway, in case you are wondering what has prompted this recent round of renovating, reorganizing and cleaning, basically I'm trying to fill in some time and keep myself occupied while I figure out what's going on with my wonky thyroid & reproductive system and contemplate going back to school. We can finally afford the tuition and I'd love to give it another go, even if I only do a couple of courses.

Plus, we can finally afford to do the major renovation we'd always wanted. (Or at least get the renovation loan & mortgage for it!) That will take a while to plan and get going though, (maybe a year before we break ground) and will probably include a stop at the Committee of Adjustment, and possibly the Ontario Municipal Board. Ever try to renovate in Ontario? And do a really good job? Impossible in this city anyway. Even Extreme Makeover: Home Edition couldn't get it through all the political hoops required. Unless I want to put up an overpriced faux French chateaux stucco McMansion, or an imitation Victorian made out of chipboard and PVC siding. THEN they'd let me. (Apologies if you have one of those, and you like it and it fits in your neighborhood, great, go for it. I just think other things are possible. Better made, better designed houses, maybe even ones that don't break and leak and fall apart 20 minutes after you close the deal.)

So why fix anything now? Because things are breaking down and life will be easier if my house is functional in the meantime.

Oh oh and good news, I heard from that osteoporosis nurse about my numbers from last month. My FSH was down to 7, no E2 so I can't compare, but my Vit.D was 66 and my calcium was 2.18, so not so bad after all. They like it higher in someone with my Z-score and profile, but overall, not a crisis, just a reason to get a little more Vitamin D and Calcium. And no, a normal reading for my FSH doesn't mean that I don't have POF. Last winter it was 22, and it goes up and down like a see saw regularly. Last summer it was pretty low, but that didn't mean much. Anyway, the DHEA seems to be helping a bit, so we'll see what we shall see, eh?

Off to scrub my cupboards now. Anyone know where I can rent a cat for an afternoon?


  1. That's really cool news about going back to school and the house reno. I;m glad the DHEA is helping, I am super interested in finding out more about that.

    I have an idea about your unwelcome house guests--I'll email you! They are awful and somehow they van always find their way into a Victorian house!

  2. "overpriced faux French chateaux stucco McMansion, or an imitation Victorian made out of chipboard and PVC siding" - I think I love you.

  3. a functional house is good to have.

  4. A well organized, functional household literally sets my heart aflutter!!! They might be the most beautiful words ever uttered. I wholeheartedly cheer you on to do whatever it takes to achieve that glorious ideal!

  5. I lust for a well organized, functional house.

  6. When you are done, think you can swing by and turn my house into one of those well-organized functional thingies? Sounds like it would be good to have...

    Oh, and that FSH rocks. Are you going to be able to take it a few months in a row to see what it is up to )or down to, as we would much prefer :))?

  7. Yay on the good numbers news.

    Your descriptions of all the house reorganizing and renovating are giving me fantasies! Someday....For the moment we have a nasty stink in one of our closets and the best we can do is call our landlord over and over and over about it....Sorry about the little creatures. You could borrow one of our cats except they're very domestic and have never even seen a mouse as far as I know. Bugs are more their thing. Oh, and they hate to travel. They have been to Canada many times, though, and charmed the customs guys every time.

  8. Functional means lived in and a lived in house....hmmm...I wonder how organized it can stay with kids in it? We had domestic cats once and they were afraid of mice - a disgrace to the animal kingdom lol, especially their own species! You have to get a barn cat if its going to be a good mouser. A farmer will let you take one I am sure. They usually have an over abundance of the critters!

  9. Damn, I wish I could give you my cat! He is driving me crazy - one minute he is all lovey and cute, climbing all over me, rubbing his fuzzy little head on my chin, the next minute he wants me to get up, so he just bites me (lovingly of course), then I squirt him with the squirt bottle I sleep with and he runs away, comes back, pretends to be cute again, then viciously attacks when I least expect it...and my vet tells me that my cat is incapable of retaliatory thinking - ha - right, that's what she thinks. Sadly, though, I agree - you need a barn cat. My cat doesn't even eat spiders - he just sits and stares at them! Anyway, I wouldn't want to torture you with my cat's bad behavior!! No one deserves this - he really is making me crazy!!

  10. Glad to hear that your numbers are better than you had feared.

    Good luck with the renovations. My biggest obstacle is getting Mr. LIW to finish!!

  11. Our next door neighbor has a great cat hunter...though getting her on loan from California to Canada will be a challenge!

    Thanks for your encouragement on my writing projects, and wishing you well in getting the information you need to tackle your wonky thyroid and reproductive system as well as the renovation and schooling opportunities. Lots going on in your world!