Wednesday, July 09, 2008

And then he smiled at me...

Man in Motion

I'm conducting Mozart, watch me!

Did you know that the greatest invention in the history of mankind is Baby liquid Zantac?

And that I worship the inventors of this magical liquid?

In fact I worship them so much that I would build them a golden calf if they wanted me to. And then dance around it and sacrifice a virgin or three if need be.

I am now convinced that my two other beautiful darling babies, especially Kaz, had serious severe reflux and that is why they had screaming colic and freaked out and never slept and induced a horrible case of post-partum depression in their very tired mommy.

So how did this magical thing-a sleeping, happy baby-happen? Well, we went in for his one month appointment, conveniently scheduled for his 6 week birthday, and instead of saying, "My baby has reflux, can we get something for that?", I ever so cleverly said, "My baby is spitting up a lot, even while breastfeeding, and arching his back and neck like he is in pain all the time. He won't go into the fetal position at all. He seems as stiff as a board all the time." My regular pediatrician immediately whipped out her prescription pad, declared that since he was unlikely to have a developmental issue, since he was fine otherwise, that he had reflux.

"Oh, you mean like I said he had, a few weeks ago."

I get The Embarassed Look.

"I'll just write a prescription for that. We'll start at the highest dose."


On the way out the door, I alternate between tears of relief and joy. Those passing by must think I'm insane....

For the last 5 days, as his little throat heals, he has slept and slept and slept and eaten and eaten, and smiled at me as he begins to enjoy life again. And I have smiled back as I have begun to enjoy the world as well.

He is now eleven pounds, ten ounces, and has grown another 2 inches. And he slept 7 hours straight last night, without mommy having to resort to baby tylenol at all. Just the magical healing powers of zantac....amazing what can happen when docs listen to patients and moms, hmmm?

I'm so happy right now that I don't even care that the basement flooded again last night, or that Obama has lost my support by flip-flopping on a woman's right to choose, or that Bush said "Yo, Harper" to our PM, and proved that he is an utter moron again, or even that the media got the story wrong about the pregnancy pact (it was a teen support group, formed after the girls got pregnant).....I don't care if the universe implodes, because the baby is sleeping!!!!!!

And I dearhearts have a chance at sanity again.


  1. Oh my gosh, what a cutie!! I'm glad someone finally listened to you, & that you are BOTH getting some well-deserved rest!!

  2. Happy sleeping baby/sane mommy time!
    And yes, that's one handsome young man, you've got there.

  3. Oh he is so adorable!! I am so glad you are both finally get a bit of relief :)

  4. He is so cute! So glad to see a picture! Enjoy!!

  5. Yay for the sleeping baby! 7 hours straight is mighty impressive. (the way you describe Julius' symptoms makes me wonder about my baby... I will have to look into that.)

    And the photos are gorgeous. I love the little baby movements.

  6. Oh, that is good news! And he is absolutely adorable, of course. Growing fast.

  7. Yay for sleeping, happy baby!!

    And a CUTE sleeping happy baby at that!

  8. the way to get what you need from a Dr is to make him think he was the one to make the diagnosis. Have to keep that one in mind in the future!

    Glad to hear cute little Julius finally got the meds he needed.

  9. Very clever trick young jedi.
    I'm going to use that on my ped tomorrow.

    I believe it was 'YO Steve' or am I mixing gaffes?
    We really do need a more charasmatic leader though. Someone who could embarass someone who yells 'yo' at them.

  10. Woo Hoo for Zantac...I take it for heartburn so can empathise with wee Julius, it hurts like hell...poor little possum.

    I remember the "I can take on the world" feeling that goes with a sleeping baby...if only they could manufacture it.

    Julius is beautiful, he is a wise looking little soul with the swetest little smile. It's a preservation of the species just begin to despair and then they smile at you and you melt and forgive them the sleepless nights.

    I'm thrilled for you that things are settling.

  11. ooooh, he's gorgeous. and i bet the new, better-rested you is, too.

  12. He is adorable!

  13. Holy Smokes, that's a baby! And he is adorable.

    I still feel surprised when I see a picture of a living, regular sized baby. I forget what they're supposed to look like.

  14. He is adorable!!!!! ;)

    And I'm so glad the little one is feeling better. Hope you catch up on some (much needed) rest.

  15. he's absolutely beautiful!

    my best friend's son has reflux and she suspects that her daughter did too, but it went undiagnosed. he's a much better person now that he takes his medicine and doesn't throw up all the time!

    i'm so glad that he's sleeping hopefully you're getting some rest too.

  16. I could kiss him a million times!

  17. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I missed the Obama story, and I'm FURIOUS. Let's say I discover at 33 weeks I'm having another Maddy car-wreck of a baby. Inducing labor is considered "terminating" in my state, and I will be sent out of state elsewhere. Which I would want to do because of MY FUCKING MENTAL HEALTH because I could not dream of putting another child through that, or putting myself and family through a meaningless extra 9 weeks of pregnancy and NICU stay. Or maybe I qualify? Or is that just being "blue?" ASSHOLE.

    I'm sorry, what was the topic here? Oh right. Big Pharm is mighty lovely, and baby is cute as a button. Whee mommy!

  18. Well who wouldn't feel good looking at that adorable little face? He just made my day!

  19. Ah! I see you've learned how to talk to doctors! I think you'll find them much friendlier from now on. Great pics!


  20. You don't know me... I followed the link from Cate's blog. But I too LOVED Zantac... My youngest Cole had reflux and actually burned his vocal chords from it. He is still hoarse to this day from it. He is fine but has a gruffer voice than I think he would have had he not had reflux. That medicine it a miracle worker! Thank goodness the ped listened!!!
    Enjoy your now happy baby! I know I did!!!

  21. He's gorgeous, Aurelia! Perfectly gorgeous!

    My little mouse needed the Zantac too but despised that bitter peppermint taste. If Julius gets fussy about it, just find a compounding pharmacy to mix some up for you that's not that vile-smelling syrup dispensed everywhere else. It's sickeningly sweet instead, but at least neither bitter nor mint.

  22. Your baby is so very cute!!

  23. That smile! Love that smile!