Monday, July 14, 2008

Julius is still doing well, very happy but sort of varying on the sleep. He seems to have decided to do his 6 week growth spurt now, at the moment we are hitting 7 weeks. Not only can he not tell which week it is on the calendar but he has to decided to nurse every hour on the hour round the clock.

Never blog about how well your baby sleeps. It will come back to bite you in the ass.

Or the nipple, as the case may be.

But really, the flooded basement does suck alot alot a lot. We had to pull up all the carpet and underlay and throw it in the garbage, after moving the furniture, and sort through many many damp boxes of stuff. And I'm still convinced we are going to find mold somewhere someday. Our insurance company is not very helpful in this regard, sigh....

Good news is that my husband finally decided to give the go ahead and agree to sign with the architect. All it took was one flood. Okay technically the overpriced hideous open house we went to was inspirational as well. Just the thought of getting into a bidding war for some crappy place and still having to reno in the end is pretty much a nightmare of mine and his.

Might as well stay where we are and reno this joint, although in our case staying where we are isn't technically going to work. We will have to move out for a few months while they knock the place down and rebuild. Our design is simple, and we can do it, we just needed to sign the documents.

The hard part---to get permission from the mofos at the city planning department and at the )@;*# OMB, both of whom drive small renovators crazy because they don't understand the issues around narrow city lots and old foundations. Apparently I'm supposed to lose 4 feet off the width of my house and live in a bowling alley. Not the plan my dears!

And my more important mission--to spread the word about the new Ontario Panel on Family Building and Fertility. (Not the right title but I'm writing this at 2 am and can't find the link so fuck it.)

Anyway, I have more to say about it but the long and short of it is that I hope they authorize ALL fertility treatment including drugs and diagnostic tests for women going through RPL. Right now they have a technology report on IVF that only says couples with blocked tubes or male factor needing ICSI who agree to SET should be covered. analysis was ever done on the long term cost to the education or social services system of caring for multiples due to medicated IUI vs. SET IVF.

They also have a serious over emphasis on adoption even with this province's horrific past and present history with it. The Goudge Inquiry legacy of stolen children, the fact that parents regularly return their adopted kids to CAS because they don't feel like raising them, the pathetic refusal of CAS in this province to co-operate with either the auditor general or the ombudsman.....good God, maybe we could clean up the mess in this province first before we throw more children into that fire?

And yeah, I have more....but my miracle baby is crying and I have to go.

I want everyone to get the medical care they need, not just a privileged few with the *right* medical problems....I hope you all agree with me?


  1. It is bizarre that you want to say "Hope that you tubes are blocked" to someone because then IVF is covered.

  2. Most bizarre thing ever IMO....

  3. hell yeah. I just went to an early years drop in in the east end and now love my worker even more because she steps up to help the new immigrant families with the bloody government paperwork preventing them from accessing services their kids need.

  4. Absolutely. The rules here though are supposed to give everyone 3 cycles of IVF free but that is almost never true. Every area has different policies on existing children, smoking, bmi, age, whether a couple has done private treatments before etc etc etc but almost never the specific medical reason for infertility but in the end more than one free cycle is a rarety.

  5. How to make it look like you're funding it without actually funding it. Great.

  6. The flood sounds like tons of fun, by the way. As for the IVF funding... what more can I add?