Thursday, September 04, 2008

For all of you

Thank you thank you thank you for each of your comments and lovely kindnesses. A special thank you goes out to Lisa B for coming with me to Matthew's gravesite, tidying up the grass that had grown over it, and helping me remove the dirt that had fallen into the letters on his headstone.

I want it to look nice---I can't do much for him, but I can do that.

Toronto Life has a feature on bereavement blogs and newer traditions around mourning this month. You can see the cover here, but unfortunately it won't be online for awhile. Go buy it if you can, it's a really really good article.

That's all for now folks, I have to go look over some preliminary plans for my new house. So far, I'm not sure the architect understood what we wanted, but then again, I haven't emailed the man in two weeks, so he probably thought we fell off the earth!

Time to get the pencils out....


  1. Sorry, I meant to comment and then my chaotic world sabotaged my good intentions. My thoughts were with you, if that counts for anything.

    Big cyber {{{hugs}}}. I don't know what to say other than I am really sorry for your losses.

  2. oy architects, contractors it makes my head ache...

    It was an honour to assist you with Matthew's gravestone.
    You are in our thoughts this week.

  3. I missed Matthew's day and wanted to tell you that you have been on my heart once I realized what a significant week this is for you.

    Sending love and prayers your way.