Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mashed potatoes

I actually got on facebook today and friended a gazillion people and now I've been waiting all day for them to friend me back.

Some of them have, but some haven't mostly because they are not insanely compulsively checking and rechecking their email and facebook pages like ummmm some people might do.

Not that I would be that kind of compulsive person.....

No no no no instead I"m that kid in the corner eating mashed potatoes and watching old TV shows and assuming that everyone is rejecting me......

There is a reason that I never ask to be on anyone's blogroll. It's because I know for sure that you will say NO.

I was so very grateful that Mel started her giant blogroll and added people without asking because really if anyone had required me to ask----it would have been impossible.

Can you tell that I'm blogging drunk 2nite?

In other news, I am fat. My breastfeeding baby is the size of a whale but no weight loss has occurred on my bod. Unlike every other pregnancy I'm just not losing the size. I'm eating less.

I officially apologize to the world for everything I've ever said, even by total accident, about fatness. I do not care how I got here, but I am the largest postpartum woman on earth. And today I made a decision.

I will look good regardless of the number on my clothing size. I will have great hair and wear cool jeans and sexy shirts and I don't care if it's a waste of money to buy bigger clothes because I intend on losing weight. I will look like a MILF even if I don't want to actually be a MILF.

And to the friend who walked right past me in Starbucks this week and didn't recognize me because my muffin top was the size of twelve loaves of freakin' bread? Your loss.

I still rock.


  1. I just checked to make sure you were on my blog roll. I don't ever ask not because I fear rejection, but because I don't want to look needy. So, um, can I be on yours?

  2. I never even thought about this going the other way!

    I want to add people, but mine is horribly out of date, and I was going to just add in my bloglines subscription so I didn't have to manually change and add people, but I don't know HOW to do that.

    So I have dithered over mine forever.

    Anyone wanna teach me how? Then I can add you all.

  3. I never asked either. And mine is also horribly out of date. I use Google Reader, so I don't think I can help with Bloglines. My Google Reader list is way bigger than the one on my blog now!

  4. Can I come shopping?
    None of my tshirts fit and my kid is one.
    I am looking at the excuse that styles have changed, that shirts are longer, but that does not erase the fact that I am also fatter.

  5. i'll be your facebook friend, but i have really high privacy setting because students kept trying to add me. send me an e-mail and i'll add you!

    btw, i didn't ask your permission to add you to my blogroll...

  6. Can I come shopping too. Boo is 15 months old and I am 12 pounds heavier than I was before I was pregnant. There are three really sad things about that fact.

    1. 12 pounds is 3 clothings sizes on my short frame!

    2. I only gained 21 lbs when I was pregnant.

    3. I was actually back down to my pre-pregnancy weight 7 days after his birth and gained back this weight with the post-surgery lack of activity and emotional eating in the last 5 months!

  7. You're right, you do rock!!!

    I am just now catching up with a few of your recent posts. I have been a horrible commenter because I just hate typing with one hand.

    Also, just so you know, Pepper has the same head shape as Julius. She just seems to love everything to her left, hence the lop sidedness.

  8. Aurelia,
    I just discovered your blog today and read back over all the available posts (the one where you announced you were pregnant with Julius).
    Thank you so much for this blog, it is really inspiring.
    I was told in January by the Ottawa Fertility Centre that I had a very low chance of conceiving. We had been TTC #3 for 5 months. They started pushing IVF on us. I conceived 4 days later but it was a blighted ovum that I m/c at 7w1d. I started taking DHEA and took it for 4 months. Discovered I was PG again about 2 weeks later on June 26th but discovered on Aug 23rd that my 10 week PG was only 6 weeks along.
    I've started the DHEA again, which I dicovered through research.
    I am a crazy internet research girl. But considering how litle doctors seem to know about anything, it is necssary.
    I am also following all the recommendations for my "pattern"
    in The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis and taking chinese herbs and doing acupunture.
    I just refuse to believe that I can't have another live baby.

    Anyway, I am sorry to blather on, I just felt such a kinship with you reading this blog. I am so very happy for you and your family for Julius.

    Again, this blog was very inspirational to me.

  9. ps calean and ethan hijacked all my comments yesterday
    I want to go shopping

  10. You so totally rock :-)

    Feel free to friend me on facebook :-)

  11. i happened upon this blog again and i love it i want to be your friend on facebook too lol = ) Brandy M. is my name on there your freakin funny...