Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So far behind...

I am so far behind I will never catch up. And now I will have to make ice cream for all of you!?!?!

No dammit, I refuse. I have my limits. Luckily I can afford to say no, but what about poor women?

I can see it now---the new workfare.


  1. I read this yesterday and it's just so ridiculous...

  2. I'll never catch up. And now I have to click on your link to figure out wtf you're talking about. Just one more thing to do. sigh....

  3. Someone commented on my "milk jugs" just yesterday and suggested that I look like I may be all it's dairy needs. It was a joke.

    But this??? Peta is crazy.

  4. me too - stupidly far behind that is. Peta really are crazy though.

  5. Ok- that's just coo coo!!
    But if we look at this seriously... I doubt breast milk will "cook" the same way that cow's milk does- much like you can'y substitute seet n'low for sugar when baking.

  6. Aside form the ick factor, there are so many other reasons why this letter from PETA, an organization I give money to, bothered me.

    Because you hit the nail on the head. It would be the poor and desperate (and their children potentially) who would be affected.

  7. Heh heh - all I remember is how pitifully far I fell behind in MY pumping efforts - at one point I think I had all of half a dozen 4 oz baggies in the freezer! (about enough for 2/3 of a day off)

  8. I have heard that breast milk makes lousy ice cream.

    Now, where did i hear this? Oh yes, i remember, Stacie tried it. Something to strive for, eh? Or not...