Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Baby pixels

Such a struggle for Julius....poor thing. Tummy time is very very hard. Feel sad. Weep for him. gnash your teeth. rent your clothes.

For more cute political babies, see here. Courtesy Miss Cellania. All you Obama lovers will squee. I spontaneously ovulated as I clicked.


Thank you to Aunt Jenny for the quilt! It does help him to rollover, because he has something to grab on to and get some traction. And it's nice and warm when I feed him at night!

I swear to god he does smile and laugh. When he isn't being forced to get rid of his flathead.


P.S. I cannot figure out how to move the pictures around the post, how do I do it, all of mine seem to be on the left of the blog, and on top? Why am I the most dipshitted person on earth when it comes to digital photos?


  1. Aw poor thing. Tummy time is the devil!

    As for photos, when you click to add a photo, the window which pops up will ask you to choose a layout - none, left, centre, and right. As for moving photos, it took me ages, but I realised you can click and drag them once they're uploaded to your blog. They will automatically go to the top, but you can drag them to underneath the text too.

  2. Oh, cute. Nice roll-over J! And beautiful quilt. (I've always wanted to learn how to quilt, but it seems like such an old-lady thing to do.)

    Have you seen a dr about the flat-head? Just wondering as I am in a similar situation and have yet to see someone.

    And... what size diapers is this little giant wearing??!!

  3. There is something so funny about a pissed off baby. I also love how they raise their eyebrows so high as to think this will help them rais their heads. True for my girl, anyway.

  4. What a cutie. (And yes, a beautiful quilt too!) Sorry Julius -- tummy time is very necessary, especially if you have flat head issues.

    I remember babysitting a little guy who was just learning to roll over. He got such a look of pride & satisfaction on his face once he did it. : )

  5. Yum, yum, little flibbery blobs, just like mine, adorable ;)


  6. I agree with the whole angry baby being funny thing. The purest form of righteous indignation you will ever see. Sorry Julius, one of the first of the many evil things that mommy will make you do!
    (oh and thanks for the obama baby link-how cute is that!? Take that Ms. Palin!)

  7. Look at that baby, rolls and all!! He is precious!

  8. he's a tenacious little guy! and cute too!

  9. Ohhhh.. chubby baby cuteness. With an attitude. :) Mine tends to bitch for a bit when placed on his tummy, and then he tends to fall asleep. How rude!

    I am just catching up on my reader. I think you might be onto something here-- I should just post me some pictures too. Julius looks delicious. Any update on your pain issues?

  10. Poor thing! Great quilt!!! And I'm a quilter too! Love it.

  11. Awwww! Adorable! I'm glad to see the quilt is being properly drooled on (used as intended) and that your baby is growing so well!

  12. No, no, no, I am the shitz when it comes to downloading digital photos, or at least to downloading them to my BLOG. I think my hubby has our home computer loaded down w/so much anti-viral software that it considers such action a security risk! [but I'll try again]

  13. Yep- my twins take turns to scream their heads off in tummy time. I eventually turn them back so the neighbours geta break....


  14. He is so cute, the words can't describe:-)...
    I smile every time I look at these photos...