Friday, October 31, 2008

In case any of you need this....

Thought I'd just share an idea a friend passed on to me...Kaz is going to do this for Halloween night, although he is still trying to figure out if it's cool to wear at costume at 12! (I think it is, but to him?) Mac is going out as Mario from Nintendo, and Julius is going to be a pumpkin. (All babies are pumpkins I think....)

Anyway, if you are looking for a cheap, easy to do, last minute adult or child costume, that is unique, get a pair of dark pants, a dark long sleeved shirt, a bunch of safety pins, a pile of socks, mismatched, and left overs are great. Pin the socks all over the shirt and pants, trying to make sure they are not in pairs, but are random.

And voila!

You are "The place in the dryer where lost socks go!"

Feel free to copy, he's likely going to be too cool to do it...eyeroll...


  1. The Boy, at 14, has decided to go out "one last year" with his friends. He doesn't have a costume, so I will suggest this to him.

    God knows we have a TON of single socks hanging around that we can pin to him.

    Maybe I'll add a dryer sheet or two for authenticity.

    Thanks, Aurelia.

  2. ooo i love it! we have that same sock problem in our house lol

  3. Great idea... was he too cool?


  4. i am totally going to do his costume next year, although i'm sure that my class won't get it at all!!!