Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is this thing on? tap tap tap

I'm busy with election day, so I can't blog long, just wanted to tell all of my Canadian friends to go vote, and yes, you guessed it, I want you to vote Liberal, haha. Big surprise!

I'd say it anyway, but honestly, after Stephen Harper told everyone that his penis-and-vagina made family was ordinary, and that Dion's adoption made family wasn't, I fucking hate that crud headed man so much----%^&*%^@#$ that I have become inarticulate.

You aren't superior to us Stephen. And adoptees like me aren't inferior. So stick your ordinary family shtick up your ass, and ohhh I don't know, maybe discuss an actual policy issue? I keep muttering about this under my breath......must stop obsessing......

Anyway, I'm busy making food and handing out poll kits and throwing wet wadded up toilet paper at the Tory voters.


(sort of)

Very important thing for all of you who are parents, please, take your kids to vote and talk to them about why you should vote. They don't understand that truth in advertising laws do not apply to political ads, and they don't know what all this means. And except for a brief civics discussion at some point in school, no one teaches them about this stuff.

So take your kids to vote, even the babies. I always take my kids! If I get a picture of Julius with his first ballot, I'll post it.

*btw, is anyone having problems with bloglines, or with getting feeds? I am having serious problems with getting several different blogs, some typepad, some blogger, and I don't know if it's just me, or everyone else. Plus, something is odd with my blog, I'm suddenly out of nowhere, getting almost no hits, but it might be that statcounter is not recording them? Damn, help*


  1. if you see Mr Lang tell him Paul and Lauren Chambers wish him good luck

  2. I don't know if I'll see any Liberal candidates in the GTA today---we stick them in a drawer on E-Day, hehe.

    I might see some of them at the downtown Toronto party tonight, I'll say hi if I run in to him.

  3. Good luck today. We will be at it in less than a month ourselves.

  4. You came through in my Bloglines just fine...

  5. We voted in the advance poll. Oh, and we take our 3yo with us to vote all the time. He's the one making the X on his Papa's ballot.

  6. Yep, we voted. And I did vote Liberal (much to my Conservative Prairie parents' horror, lol). Have fun at your party tonight!

    I use Google Reader, so I'm no help re: Bloglines, but your post came though fine there.

    Off to watch the coverage now!

  7. I'm waiting for a photo of Julius w/ said ballot....

  8. Sorry, I could never vote for Stephane Dion, and even without him, I don't see myself ever voting for the liberal party -- I have never see them do anything positive for the western provinces....having the liberals in power may be great for Ontario and Quebec, but the west almost always suffers with the liberals in power. (I mean, Jean Chretien?!?! Paul Martin?!?! I greatly disliked the politics of both Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. I was actually ashamed to be Canadian and have Chretien elected for so long. And god forbid that Trudeau's kid ever decides to run for the liberal leadership. Ugh *shudders*)

    I can't really imagine ever supporting one party in a die-hard sort of fashion -- truly, none of the parties in Canada ever impress me.

    Hopefully one day there'll be a leader I can feel I can truly support, but so far that hasn't happened.

    My husband and I did vote today, however, as I feel it is important to always vote -- I don't think people have the right to voice their opinions about the government without casting their own vote. ;)

    Did the liberal guy you were voting for win in his riding?

    Looking at the news, it looks like the liberals are down quite a few seats, apparently.

    Interesting stuff!

    At least the Flames won tonight! Yay! (That's what's really important in Canada, anyway, right?!? LOL)

  9. Oh Nilla, you are a true westerner,and I love you for it, but on this, we have to agree to disagree.

    You think that getting rid of the deficit didn't help the West? Or setting up income trusts? (A Liberal intiative, I remind you). What about the indexing to inflation of the income tax brackets? None of that, was any good for the West?

    What about the billions for R&D, much of which went to Calgary and Edmonton? What about the child tax benefit, which helped lift the poorest of the poor up to the table, in BC, Alberta, and Sask/Manitoba?

    Chretien did an enormous amount for the west, just because Ralph Klein tried to BS it was all him--well fuck that, he didn't do much for you either. He just liked to pretend it was so.

    Chretien had a disability, but who cares? In the end, what matters is what he does, not what he looks like or how he speaks.

    Seriously, can we leave this for tonight? I'm just tired....love you anyway, sweets.

  10. Well see, I'm a Westerner, and I would *love* to see Justin Trudeau lead the Liberal party.

    It looks like we're going to end up with a Tory here this time around. My Liberal candidate only picked up 4% of the vote here. He's only 26, running for the first time, going to school full time and with a total campaign budget of $2000, so it's not totally surprising. Definitely hoping he'll do better next time!

  11. I was just going to add that your blog is coming in fine with Google Reader, but then I saw that someone already said that, but then I had this comment box open so I decided to write something, but then I wondered if...

    It's interesting to read about Canadian politics--truly, you're so close and I feel as if I know nothing.

  12. And you're such an Easterner, Aurelia!!!! LOL :P

    Didn't the Liberals have like, 12 years of consecutive government before the Conversatives won the prior election?? Don't you think that they could you know, perhaps take a little break!?? LOL I know you say you hate Harper -- and there are some things that he (or more people in his party) have enacted regarding IVF/reproductive/IF concerns that I am very upset about, but I wouldn't say I hated him.

    I don't hate Stephane Dion, Jack Layton, or Elizabeth May, either.

    I don't think I'll be convinced that Jean Chretien/Paul Martin were good leaders for all Canadians.... My dislike for their governing had nothing to do with any disabilities (? What disability did Chretien have anyway?), just a dislike for their politicking and attitude towards the west.

    I think I was too young to vote in some of those elections -- and I think I was living in England for one election where Chretien was re-elected -- but from what I recall I don't remember seeing a lot of attention paid positively to western provinces.

    I wasn't born and raised in Alberta though, so just because I live in Alberta doesn't mean I vote Conservative! ;)

    RE: the Trudeau situation -- I've never liked the way some Canadians have put the Trudeaus on this all mighty golden pedestal -- like they are some kind of "new royalty". There's just something about the whole situation that skeeves me out...

    I still love you, even if you're a crazy Easterner! ;p