Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15th

Before I go to sleep I just wanted to say that yes I have been thinking of my own lost babies and all of yours today. For more information go see or check out Antigone's blog for more about Pregnancy and Infant loss Awareness Day.

Go Obama Go! I finally have politician who cares about stillbirth so maybe we can all get him elected and working for women's health.


  1. Thinking of those lost babies, too. And of the upcoming election, which seems to have been going on for well over a decade already, and I'm just beginning to wish those guys would elect someone already, but I suppose I should keep being patient enough to wish they elect the right person.


  2. Hi! Just found you through stirrup queens...hope you dont mind if I add you! I have suffered four miscarriages and I have MTHFR, PCOS, Rh- and high natural killer cells! We are about to start trying again!

    April :0)

  3. O-Ba-Ma.

    Yeah - believe me - we're tired of the endlessly slow and expensive march to the election too. Roll on Nov.