Sunday, October 05, 2008

sick babies

It's been a long week/weekend here with a sick baby. The spit ups are awful so I guess we're back to get prilosec or losec or whatever. plus he's arching his back and crying and generally acting out of character. typing one handed to post this sorry.

thing is, now he has a fever, not high or severe, but still bad. I am so freaking wiped right now.....

finally did some things on my to-do list.....should've slept instead.

i'm very upset that no one seems to get that we have a severe credit crisis here in canada as well. our banks are okay, but if no one can borrow or lend money, things will not look good soon.

more later, nanny will be here in 10 hours, i'll be able to sleep then. have to walk the baby now so he doesn't scream again.....


  1. I'm in for a ton of work come January, huh?

  2. poor thing.

    Hope the sickness passes quickly- it's pretty rough on the old sleep, alright.


  3. You are such an overachiever. ALWAYS SLEEP.

    My banker took me to look at a house this am. Either he has completely lost his mind or ....

  4. I believe there are definite concerns about the world economy, most especially in the states....But I also believe that people in general tend to bring on "self-fulfilling prophecies" once some stupid analysts start forecasting "economic downturns" and then the next thing you know, they are whispering about the scary "R word", and then the general public, before there even IS a recession, cut back on spending, and before you know it, the world plunges into a full blown recession. Ugh. If people could just keep a level head in these situations, there would be no need to freak out and force most of the world to go into recession! The world really pisses me off sometimes!!!! It's all so unnecessary.

    You can ignore my rant, btw, I just watched the national news a little while ago, and I always find news irritating!!

    Sorry to hear about Julius -- hope you all feel better soon and get some sleep!


  5. Hopr j feels better soon, and that you were able to get some rest when the nanny got there this morning.

    Take care of yourself (I KNOW easier said than done...)